Recently a lot of weird Bugs popped up with peoples Modpacks, like ForgeMultiPart crashing on startup, or FML Log Files flat out not existing. If you have one of these Issues, please tell me everything you know about it, because I want this bullshit to be fixed, and I cant replicate it to find a solution myself! Someones sloppy log4j fix is probably fucking up 1.7.10 and I need to find out why!
Gregorius Techneticies
About Me (Gregorius)

If you went here for my Contact Info, that one is here.
If you want to learn more about Greg Lore, go to the Page of Greg.
If you want to know about my opinion on some random unrelated Game Design, go here.
This Page is about me as a Person and contains Information, which may or may not be interessting to you.
So if you are interessted in knowing what kind of person I am, go ahead and read.
But be warned, if you suffer the "too much information"-syndrome then don’t read it, because I tell an awful lot about myself and also some of the issues I live with.
The reasons I tend to be so open are simple, first of all others see me and then notice "there is someone else with Problems similar to what I have", motivating them to also talk about their Problems more openly.
And secondly if people talk about their Problems, someone might walk by and give a helpful tip on solving said Problems, which works especially well on the Internet.
I don’t care about pity or sympathy, even if my constant mentioning of Issues might seem like that, it’s kinda annoying because it makes everything seem whiny, inspiring people to be mean to each other in the end.


Gregorius Techneticies, that is my full Name on the Internet, but it’s easier to just say Greg, Gregorius, GregoriusT or even Grag if you want to be funny.
I also prefer being talked to using Greg/Gregorius rather than my IRL Name.


31, let’s see if I update this 2023, or if I will forget about it.


It’s complicated.
Physically I’m male.
Mentally I’m genderless, but I don’t care if I sometimes behave more male or more female.
I’m asexual (technically antisexual, but asexual is way easier to explain), so I do not care about anyone elses gender apart from pronoun usage.
Own pronoun wise it is whichever is the currently least confusing one in the situation, which is most oftenly the male pronoun.


Germany / Deutschland (Northern Bavaria / Nordbayern).


English and German.


I did study Computer Science, but failed near the end.
You don’t need any educational Degrees to be a good Developer, you need to just care about what you are doing and try to make it good aswell! That will get almost anyone into the upper 5 percent of best Developers.
Every Dev who I saw fail at what they were doing, just did not give a shit about fixing their Problems, or started blindly listening to a very small selection of their Community, calling that selection "Democracy" despite never having given anyone the ability to vote properly or at all in the first place.
For examples on Bad Development, see all GregTech Ports or Clones, that have not been done by me, yes they are all bad without any exception (GT6U happened after I wrote this so it might become an exception). Heck even GT6 as unfinished as it is like all my GTs, is not that good.


Unemployed but ofcourse working on whatever Stuff I like working on, including Mechaenetia ofcourse.
I am not able to actually do stuff for anyone else, just because they tell/pay me to, I need a real reason to do anything.
I’m mainly driven by Inspiration and some sort of OCD, for almost anything else just I just end in messing up royally, because of not being able to remember all tasks/instructions or their order.
Donations and the Support I get in real life are the only ways I can earn Money, everything else won’t work. Universal Basic Income would pretty much fix almost my entire Life.
My personal opinion about Money is that it’s just a plaything for immature people, and that binding the survival of anyone to Money is just morally wrong.
I highly depend on others regarding staying alive (especially acquiring groceries due to logistics reasons), because of the several small problems, that I have.
That said, I will NOT do any sort of Commissions nor paid additions of Features, I work towards the stuff I have on mind and that’s it.


Working on the things I get inspired to do. That is mainly Mechaenetia.
Getting inspired through watching Videos, which include: Science Stuff, Sci Fi Series (Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Orville etc.), Anime (especially the long lived ones, such as Dragonball, One Piece and Naruto), Super Hero related (Marvel, DC, One Punch Man - oh wait that last one is also an Anime), Cartoons (Adventure Time, Rick & Morty, South Park, Futurama, My Little Pony), most Dungeons & Dragons Campaigns by TeamFourStar, Let’s Plays, Minecraft (Hermitcraft), Games, Game/Film/Food Theory, Animations and some funny Stuff.
Listening to Videogame Music and Remixes of it: SiIvaGunner, OC-Remix, most from the Kirby, Sonic, Mario and Megaman Games and some others.
Sometimes when I’m stressed or just not inspired at that moment, I also play Videogames other than Minecraft, recently it has been StarMade, Terraria, Factorio, Enter the Gungeon, Sonic Mania, Undertale/Deltarune, Minecraft, Cossacks, Pokemon Omega Ruby, Shovel Knight King of Cards, and the best thing I can do while still paying good attention listening to D&D: Wario’s Woods for the SNES.
I enjoy being nice to the people who I genuinely like. Sure there are not many of those, but even just being a nice person to me makes me like someone. I also enjoy to listen to Friends talking about their Life, and giving them advice if I have advices to give, even though I sometimes end up remembering own Problems I could have solved differently (what is kinda bad, because I always find new ways to solve old Memories).
Puns are something I do very often, same goes for taking things too literally or out of context. It’s just too much fun to not do that at times!
As you may have noticed, all those things are stuff I can do at home, I don’t leave the house very often, and prefer staying inside, sometimes for multiple weeks if I’m lucky. Glad I could take advantage of the early 2020’s for excusing that. XD


Normally no breakfast unless I leave the House very early, in which case two Slices of Bread with Salami or similar, or just the Salami as is, because who needs Bread. XD
I usually eat one Plate (or up to two and a half Plates in case of good Pasta/Noodles) of whatever is cooked for Lunch.
A Plate with Fruits in the evening. Most of the time it is 2-3 kinds of the following: an Apple, a Banana, 2-3 Kiwis (Green & Yellow), 2-3 Plums, 1-2 Nectarines, Grapes (Green & Purple), Strawberries, Cherries, Currants (Red & White, rarely Black) or a few pieces of diced Watermelon
And about two Packages (100-300g each) of Snacks/Sweets per Week.
I only drink Mineral Water of the non-carbonated kind, about a Bottle (1.5L) per day. Stay Hydrated!
This "Diet" makes me lose about one or two kilogramm per Month if nothing extraordinary happens (like Christmas Holiday season), but everyones metabolism is different, so don’t take these values as an advice.
As for favourite Foods in general: Lasagna Carbonara (essentially the Ham equivalent of Lasagna), Garlic Salami, Strawberries, Kiwis (Green & Yellow), Cherries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Currants (Red & White), Berliner with icing (or was it called frosting?) and filled with Jelly (Donut alike), Stollen (Raisin Fruitcake with powdered Sugar ontop)


I’m about 1.80m tall,
Have a full Beard unless I just got my brown Hair cut short (yep, no red hair IRL),
Wear eggman-esque blue tinted circular Glasses outside (my eyes are insanely light sensitive to the point of not being able to drive even with glasses),
And am a typical Nerd, who focuses more on his own Stuff than on his appearance (I don’t really care how I appear to others and that is rather obvious).


In general I like and accept myself the way I am, and don’t want anyone to attempt making me feel otherwise, nor to try changing me, especially not with the fake intent of "helping me" without actually doing so.
There are some things on me that would definitely classify as OCD, but I can live with them and they are part of me, and they are not that extreme.
I technically can’t feel anything positive, if I say I enjoy something, it’s just the relaxing kind of enjoyment to me, distracting me from stuff, or just doing things so I don’t theorize about doing them anymore. I don’t even feel anything while I am laughing, it’s just the same neutral feeling.
So as long as nothing bad happens to me, I am feeling fine. But "actually feeling good" is very rare and even when it happens, it is never repeatable after happening once per whatever caused it. I don’t even desire "feeling actually good" at all, so one could consider me apathic in that sense. Last time I actually felt good was right when "Shovel Knight - King of Cards" came out, it’s like feeling the love, care and craftsmanship in something.
Due to barely feeling anything myself, I do feel what others around me feel much more, kindof like a Mirror, which can be both great and terrible depending on the emotion, intent and reasoning people show.
This is why a lot of times, when interacting with any people, I tend to "reflect" the emotion I get from the interaction, meaning I usually feel the same way as them to some extend, but also that I enjoy others feeling happy, even if that emotion doesn’t originate from my own mind, it’s still there and I feel it. But this does not apply to my opinion about things. My opinion can normally only be changed with actual Logic.
Someday I’d love to share my life with someone, who is genuinely interested in being together with me, while still keeping everything as relaxed as normally. Might sound a bit egocentric, but I wouldn’t enjoy to be together with anyone, who doesn’t also enjoy to be with me, since I don’t want to make anyone I care about unhappy, especially by being "too boring" in the long run.
Almost everything I do in life revolves around my Creativity (or mostly getting as many things out of my head as possible), there are very few other things, and a few people I do actually care about.
Most of my time is spent in my Room at the Computer doing stuff and sometimes relaxing to recharge my Brain, and rarely watching TV simply to finish the Series I started watching years ago. I usually don’t leave my Room unless it is really necessary, because it is one of the very few places where I’m able to feel relaxed at and calm down, since nothing extraordinary happens there to distract me.
Quite obviously I am not a sporty person at all, I don’t move all that much, but I don’t care about that being unhealthy, nor about me being very weak, I just live my life as is and am okay with that. Might need to fix that weakness thing somewhen, but that is an Issue for Future Greg.
I’m a Minimalist, if there is something I don’t really need, I won’t get or use it, though at times curiosity gets me with some Tech things (looks at all the Raspberry Pi Stuff laying around). I don’t use a Smartphone for that reason (I have a PinePhone by now, though still no real use in having it apart from 4G Compat), because I don’t need that and I don’t see a purpose in it, nor do I like any of the Mobile Operating Systems or Touchscreens.
I tend to capitalise Nouns despite using the English Language, as you might have noticed. And it is inconsistent as Hell.
The ideal Room-Temperature for me is between 19 and 22°C, so I feel actually motivated to do stuff. 16°C is the minimum before it gets too cold, and anything above 23°C is already way too hot for me. And I cant even go outside for more than 5 minutes, when it’s 4°C or less.
Often my Brain can be described as "Single-Core-Processor with Low RAM, Large SSD and High End Graphics Card", simply because I can only do one thing at a time, dont respond well to interruptions, cant remember many things in the short term, but remember a lot of Stuff in the long term and have a very detailed Imagination.
I do have non-allergic Asthma (Small Lung Volume), though the Inhaler does fix it, so I’m not spending all time in Bed sleeping for 12 hours a day instead of 4-6 hours a day, while being massively demotivated. Though it doesn’t help against Smells/Sprays (such as Deodorants) that lock up my Lungs and make me cough uncontrollably.

Favourite Fictional Characters

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (Sonic the Hedghog)
King Knight (Shovel Knight)
King Dedede (Kirby)
Magolor (Kirby)
Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls)
Handsome Jack (Borderlands)
Crowley (Supernatural)
Mettaton (Undertale)
Rouxls Kaard (Deltarune)
Sans (Undertale)
Lord Business (LEGO Movie)
Blackbeard (One Piece)
Orochimaru (Naruto)
Ba’al (Stargate)
Dr. Fetus (Super Meat Boy)
Karras (Game: "Dark Project II: Metal Age" aka "Thief II", his German Voice is much better than the insanely nasal English one)
Greg the Pirate Captain (Game: Gothic II)
Wario (Super Mario Brothers)
Agent Smith (Matrix)
Iron Man (Marvel)
Batman (DC)
Dr. Gero (Dragonball Z)
Count Dooku (Star Wars)
Lore (Star Trek)
Q (Star Trek)
Yanus (Stargate Atlantis)
Maximillion (Game: Evil Genius)
Dr. Geng X (Game: Hurrican)

About my "Fictional" Original Character, that I am impersonating (aka Gregorius Techneticies)

I moved most of this Text to its own Page of Greg by now. ^^

Some of the mental Issues that I have (a lot of the time I try to avoid them, what works fine on the internet, but not IRL)

First and foremost, I hate when others who don’t fully know how I work, try to solve my problems in a way that would make them even worse. This goes so far that it can literally knock me out, because of the extreme stress it causes. Sure advices are good and okay, but don’t try to push me to do them, that is the worst thing you can do.
I avoid stress wherever possible and won’t do anything that would cause me stress, because of the devastating sideeffects it has on me. This is one of the reasons I can’t do anything that others tell me to do, since expectations = list of instructions = stress for me, just because I usually don’t understand what is actually expected from me. Don’t expect me to do anything in particular, that is the safest bet.
Speaking of things I avoid, I tend to not start any contact with anyone I don’t know, people have to contact me, or I have to be at the location on a regular basis (like a Chat Room), or am expected to appear.
I can’t do "nothing" without almost falling asleep because of the boredom, I sincerely hate having to wait or being idle, and it is the worst torture for me. I dislike travelling for that reason, because it always takes ages to get anywhere, even if it’s just right around the corner. I would prefer just staying at home and doing my own stuff almost all day.
My Attention can always only focus on one thing, not more. Now you might say "sure nobody can truly Multitask, where is the issue?", the Issue is that I can’t "Fake-Multitask" either, it takes a while to switch my attention away from things, so much in fact that when I get distracted, I keep in mind what I did before, and need to recollect myself before continuing. Due to this, I can’t do certain things at all, such as driving vehicles or having more than 2 active chat tabs/windows open at once.
As I said, I can only think about one thing at a time, so as soon as I even just worry about something, I’m absolutely unable to think properly about anything else unrelated to it until it is resolved, or until I gave up (which does take a while).
The only way to make me do stuff is successfully inspiring me to do it. So unless I get the Idea to do something myself, or feel mentally good about doing it, there is a high chance that I will lack the motivation to do it properly or even at all, even if it is relatively important.
I tend to be annoyed whenever I have to repeat myself or am asked the same question over and over without being told what the problem of my answer was. Also very obvious questions where one of my previous answers was along the lines of "just try it yourself!" or "look it up in NEI!" being asked in rapid succession, in which case I will often just stop answering alltogether.
Due to many of these Problems I am not very independant at all. I tend to avoid all bad and annoying things and just focus on the good part of life, but that only works if I can keep all the bad/annoying things out of my mind. I just can’t live with most responsibilities, and have to be free from them, in order to live out my creativity.
And that is what I need to survive - the total freedom to just be a creative person and forget about anything that worries me. If I didn’t have that freedom to some extend, I would probably end up in a very bad situation.

Ah well, I wrote a lot, didn’t I (I bet you tl;dr-ed most of this)

Yes, I’m a very open person and essentially gave a good rough overview about me as a whole. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the extend and detail of this. Almost all the Information about me listed here, could be found on other Sources, where I talked about myself aswell. I just compacted it and made it easier to access. Social Media does that very often aswell. Judge me if you want, I don’t care. I just feel much better if people can look up who/what I am, by just looking at this Page.