Now with automatic Dark Mode Support!

Apparently there is a brand new Web Standard now for making Browsers able to request Dark Mode Versions of Websites. And since it is new, its not publicly supported by the Browsers yet in most cases. But latest Firefox can already handle it with some about:config changes:
ui.systemUsesDarkTheme = 1 (may require you to actually make a new integer field) = true
privacy.resistFingerprinting = false (Unsure if it’s a Firefox Bug or a Feature, but resisting Fingerprinting causes Dark Mode to fail, since requesting Dark Mode does help Sites with Fingerprinting)
While we are at it, here is some good security Advice for Browsers. ;)

Contact Information (Gregorius)

These are the ways you can reach me, Gregorius Techneticies, over the Internet. Actually the Internet is the only way to reach me properly, I don’t even use my Non-Smartphone all that much.


GregTech and GT-API based Development (and a lot of Off-Topic) is being talked about on #gt-dev on (lurking allowed).
I’m there too, as long as I’m at Home and awake. I shouldn’t be afk for more than eight Hours without having set /away. My Nick is "GregoriusTechneticies".
I don’t normally show up on any other Channels unless it is seriously necessary, because I hate being distracted by too many sources of information, having two Tabs/Windows open at once is my max.
If I show up, then just look into my /whois to see if that person is admin of #gt-dev.
In case you don’t want to bother getting an IRC Client and just want to join the Channel, go to This Browser Client, type in some random fitting Username and join.


Gregorius Techneticies, for details on supporting me see here. I usually log into Patreon weekly, so if you message me there and actually await a reply, then please have patience. (but I do get notified and can see if it is urgent or not)

Industrial-Craft Forums

GregoriusT, and the Forums have ofcourse the old Main GregTech Thread, which is still in use for Support, Suggestions and Info, even though I moved most Stuff to this Website and to Patreon.

Youtube & GooglePlus

GregoriusTech, as of me writing this, there is no Videos on that Channel at all. Maybe I will do that some day, but there are no plans as of now.


@GregoriusT mentioning this Username including the @ on any Issue will give me an E-Mail notification and I’ll likely reply to it, unless you do so on a completely unrelated Issue.


I do have an Account, but I won’t tell.

Curse & Minecraft Forums

GregoriusT, but last time I logged in was probably years ago. Also I don’t like Curse, and I dislike Twitch aswell, so that Account is pretty much abandonned. Also I did not link that Account with any Twitch Account so it likely got purged too somewhen in the middle of 2018.


Do you really think I would go there? Way too many stupid people.


Nope, no Account there.


Nope, won’t happen. I exclusively communicate via writing, not talking, and IRC is more than enough for that, no shitty Software needed to have in addition to that.


Nope, I am not there either. And if you would remember my comment on how many sources of information I can handle, you wouldn’t ask for this. Also Discord is messy Bloatware to me, nothing is wrong with IRC.


This will truly never happen. Facebook is terrible, and has plenty of illegal business practices that they get away with.