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Plans for the Voxel Game that I will be making after GregTech-6

As some of you might know, I am planning on making my own Blocky Game after I’m done with GregTech-6.
This Page is dedicated to the Ideas I have for this Game. ^^


It will be Open Source and Free for everyone. I am not gonna sell it in some Stores.
If you want to support the Game then Donations are going to be the only way to go. Same goes for official Modding, also Donation-Only. I wont do anything against unofficial Modding though.
Also it should work on all the common operating Systems. Though my personal Dev Kit would be ran on a Kubuntu driven Computer.
The Engine would be either Godot-3 or Terasology, not sure which of them is gonna be used. Unless I decide to make my own Engine with some help.
In case I use Java it is going to be developed in OpenJDK to ensure maximum Java compatibility.
Programs written in OpenJDK always work in Oracle Java, but Oracle Java Programs don’t always work for OpenJDK.
Also if I did it in Oracle Java, then I would have to fear shameless cashgrabs from Oracle. 5000$ per Computer per Dev License is for sure not something I would ever wanna pay, and neither would Modders wanna pay that either.

Website Stuff

Unlike other Games, I will have one centralised Website for Forums, Chat, Bugtracking, Support, Mods, Wikis, Server Lists, Git Repositories for Mods and similar Stuff. You wont need to register multiple Accounts just to report a frikkin Bug or request Support.
I want everything to be First-Party in regards of Website, it should not be necessary to require use of any other Services to do anything (not even a cdn!). And everything should be well interlinked and connected on the Site, so you can easily go to the Wiki or Support Page of a Mod by clicking an Icon next to its name or similar.
A GitHub alike Page (selfhosted Gitea) will be something that exists, though it definitely wont be the primary thing to go to when reporting anything (though you easily can, ofcourse, I don’t care where the Reports are as long as I get them).
Mods will also be hosted on the Site (including their Code), and Modders will receive their own Subforums, should their Mods be large enough to justify having more than just a single Thread, or if they have multiple Mods.
Within said Subforums the Modders will get Moderator Power, so they can Manage their Area mostly like they want (or appoint others as Moderators there too), as long as they behave somewhat nicely.
And I will make sure that at least some Standards are kept over there, so that people can actually navigate those Areas easily.
Modders (or basically anyone who wants to, just like a normal Wiki) can also put their own Wiki Stuff on the central Site for documenting Features of their Mods. I do not want third party Bullshit to happen like Twitch, Curse or FTB.

The Game itself

Overall the Game will be going from "Stone Age" (or whatever else you are selecting as "Starting Age") to "Intergalactic Space Age" (or whatever else you determine to be the Tech Limit, "Age of Empires" or "Rise of Nations" Style).
The Complexity and Difficulty can be adjusted separately from each other, from Stupid Easy all the way over to Realistic Hard. Some people like Stupid Hard, others Realistic Easy, so the options for that will exist.
There is plenty of repetitive Tasks in the Game, but I dont want the Player to do all of those, that’s why there is gonna be NPCs doing some types of work for you.

The World

Speed of the Day passing will likely be 5 mins of Dawn, 10 mins of Day, 5 mins of Dusk and 10 mins of Night by default (might scale depending on how far north/south you are), ofcourse configurable, but I will add a simple Setting that takes the Computer Clock, so you could use Real Life Day Cycles if you wanted to (For Servers for example).
At least the first Type of World Generator I do, will be an Island in the Ocean Generator, which generates a large Archipelago (tons of Islands). Reason being that certain Worldgen Features like Rivers can be done easier if the Surface of the whole Island Generates at once.
The Planet wont be a Sphere, Tetrahedron, Cube, Isocahedron, Dodecahedron nor Flat. I will give it a much more unlikely and convenient yet still realistic Shape for Map Generation, but I will let that be a surprise for now.
As for Sun and Moon, the Moon will have the same general Shape as the Planet (because eventually you might be able to get there), while the Sun, well, either I will put some random Sun with random Color there or lock it to some other unusual Shape that yet still is realistic.

The Chunky Parts

Blocks will be (0.25m)³ so most Detail will fit into the normal Grid and doesn’t need special adjustments like Microblocks (but Microblocks will probably still exist eventually).
There will be Megablocks and "Undiscovered" Blocks too in order to save on performance close to the ground, so that a 16x16x16 of Rock wont be processed as 4096 separate Blocks during Collision or Render checks.
I’m not sure if I am gonna use 16³ sized Chunks or 32³ sized Chunks, but I am leaning towards 32³, if my own Tests dont say that is less performant (I once asked a StarMade Dev why they used 32³ over 16³ and they said its because performance and intense testing).
Flying Machines, Boats, Cars and Stuff similar to how Spaceships in StarMade, Empyrion, Space Engineers or the Archimedes Ships Minecraft Mod work are planned too.
Another thing is that if you for example cut down a Tree, you will get a whole frikkin Tree with connected Blocks, not just "Log Blocks" and "Leaves Blocks" like in Minecraft.
You can remove Leaves, Branches and Stuff from that Tree in order to get a Log of whatever size that Tree was. If it’s small enough you can pick it up easily and carry it home, otherwise you need to cut it up or get NPC help.
Same concept also applies to Boulders and Rocks. They can ofcourse be placed as a whole thing in World. Also remember its 0.25m Blocks, not the whole Cubic Meters of Minecraft.
Furniture would also count as Blocks that can be picked up as a whole. I will probably do something that makes it possible to place Blocks on Halfgrid Spots inside said Furniture to save Space.

Skins and Custom Player Models

You will also eventually be able to register custom Player Models in some way, or just have them saved Clientside and autouploaded when you join a World.
And the editing of such Models will be in a dedicated Editor, as some Models can have effects ingame too.
For example the Size of the Model affects your Hit and Collision Box, so a big fat/buff person doesn’t fit into the tight places a tiny person would.
You could be a Giant and be very Strong with a large Inventory Capacity and lots of Melee Damage, but in the end you don’t really fit anywhere.
Several Races from Dungeons and Dragons should be possible to be (re-)created, same goes for Furry Models ofcourse.
Note that at the beginning there might only be "Humanoid" Models, meaning a Head, two Arms, two Legs and a Torso. I simply can’t do all at once.
Some things might give you advantages for certain Situations (better Eyes or Ears and Underwater breathing for example), but do note that those can be disabled in the Server Settings in case a more "equally balanced" Game is wanted.


If you are concerned about how Accounts are gonna be handled, its gonna be simple, Accounts are on a Per-Server Basis.
So for Whitelisted Servers, the Admin of that Server can give you a Code that you can use to register your own Username/Password/Skin when logging in for the first Time.
Note, that I will not do anything against Admins selling Accounts for their Servers, they can do that if they want, even though I do discourage doing that.
And Blacklist based Public Servers, well they might be problematic with griefing, but Safeguarded Home Areas will exist in the vanilla Game to decrease most damages.
Due to the registration being per Server, "inappropriate" Skins CAN easily be veto-ed by an Admin should one attempt to register such a thing (if it is against the Servers policy ofcourse).
However, I will try to make a System that will label Models as "definitely-appropriate" without giving that veto-right for them, simply because I do not want Admins to go all racist, sexist or similar against other people.
Whenever another player interacts with an Object, an expanding circle animation of some sort will show that they did something with it. This can also be useful if someone is pointing out something to you by touching the block they talk about.
I would also like to encrypt the ingame chat messages, just to make everything a little bit more secure, even if you have an insecure Internet.

Interface Stuffs

While I will try to avoid adding GUIs in general, I know for sure it is not 100% possible to do that. So here a few Basics things:
Your Inventory and similar things will definitely have a GUI, it can come in different Settings, you can have it like a List with multiple Themed Tabs (Fallout), or a Grid full of small Item Icons (kinda like Minecraft, but more like Morrowind), or a Resident Evil kinda Inventory with things that occupy multiple Slots depending on Size.
Another thing with Inventorys is GUI resizeing. Its always nice if you can resize and move your GUIs whereever you want, but it is really shitty if you can "accidentially" move or resize a Window by just clicking at its Border. That’s why I will make it so you have to hold both Mouse Buttons at once to resize or move a GUI, while hovering over its border.


As for Keybindings, there will be defaults for WASD and for Arrow Keys. Both won’t overlap and will work at once, so you don’t need to adjust Controls all that much. The Arrow Keys variant will work with the Keyboard Layout that I have myself, so it might not be the best considering that this Area is not Universal.
The F-Keys (F1 to F12 and so on, not the actual F-Key) are not going to be used for anything in the Default Keybinds, not even Debug Stuff. I don’t even want Mods to Default any Keybinds to those, with the reason being that people using Fraps, OBS or other Screen Capture things, have the ON/OFF Buttons and similar Recording Options mapped to the F-Keys by Default. Also apparently there is Keyboards without ANY of the F-Keys or an ESC Key…​ Yay for Apple!
In the Default Keybind Config, the Z-Key and the Y-Key must be mapped to the same Function, in order to give less reason for Users to change Keybinds if they have a common QWERTZ Keyboard.
Generally, I do not want Users to end up changing their Keybinds (I will ofcourse give the Options for that in an actually proper fashion), this has the simple Reason, that when Players communicate Keybinds to each other, they usually mention the Letter corresponding to the Default binding, and that can be very confusing in some cases, when the recipient of the Message already reconfigured it.
Keybindings that are opening non-Inventory GUIs or for Debug purposes, always have to default to the Area to the right of the U, H and B Keys (including those 3 Keys themselves). They have to be between the WASD Area and the Arrow Keys Area by default.
In regards of Dvorak Users, there should definitely be an option that auto-remaps all Keybinds from QWERTY to Dvorak.

Ingame Chat

A normal Chat Bar/Window will exist. You can switch between an MC alike Bar on the HUD, and an actual Window you can move around, in the Options.
Voice Chat Support ingame is also planned, with quite a few nice extras. The options to have global, team or direct Voice Chat will exist, as well as some other things.
It is possible to make distance based Chat possible, so that people from a distance cant hear what you are saying, unless you use like a Megaphone, a Radio or a Phone of some sort.
Team Chat can also be done this way, by automatically turning whatever other Teams say into Network-Bandwidth-saving Gibberish (Serverside ofcourse).
You can also just turn everyone into Gibberish if you don’t want to hear what they talk about but still want to hear THAT they talk at all. Or if you want to make use of Network Bandwidth saving.
A special limit is also a (by default enabled) option, so that you can only hear the loudest/closest person around, if there is too many people talking at once (everyone else will turn gibberish). So you don’t get too many issues in a crowded place or so.
Not sure if I would add that but a background noise Filter for the Chat itself might be a good Idea, for autodetecting if someone talks without having to hold a Push-To-Talk Key.

Resource System

Now the Resources are something I need to think about in more detail later, but I can tell what I got already.
The Display of said Resources will go as follows regarding shortening the Numbers, because I am absolutely annoyed at Games that do this part so wrong, that I only get 1 Digit worth of Information at times, so here you go, always between 4 and 7 Digits if available:
1.000 → 1.000
10.000 → 10.000
100.000 → 100.000
1.000.000 → 1.000K
10.000.000 → 10.000K
100.000.000 → 100.000K → 1.000M → 10.000M → 100.000M → 1.000G → 10.000G → 100.000G → 1.000T
Yes some people use dots for the thousand-markers, and I don’t exactly know if I am gonna use Kilo, Mega, Giga, Tera etc. or if I’m gonna use other Symbols.

  • Food and similar Consumables:
    Food is a special Resource and exists in all Modes, Player-Hunger can be turned off if you dont wanna eat food all the time, but Food itself will still exist in case you want its positive Effects.
    The NPC System will need Food of some sorts to work (unless you turn that off in the Settings).
    There is also gonna be a Nutrition System (separate Setting), so that you need to eat a wider variety of Food.

  • Money:
    Unless you turn off Money as a whole, making Trading much more inconvenient, Money is a special Resource used primarily in Markets and (if enabled) in the NPC System.
    There might be a Stock Exchange thing that is gonna be added with Supply and Demand and Stuff, but that is also optional in the Settings.

  • Decorative Stuff:
    There is also Decorative Resources that you can build your Houses with and Stuff. Rock for example can be used to build a Castle.
    These Resources exist always and are craftable regardless of Difficulty.
    Also in case of Rocks, you cant process them into anything proper really until you reach High Tech.

  • Very Easy Resource Complexity:
    Money, everything when processed will become Money directly, just one Main Resource, and thats Money!
    You can make it from anything and into anything! It’s like pure EMC from Equivalent Exchange!

  • Easy Resource Complexity:
    Instead of everything just being Money, the System will split into just 6 Main Resources.

    • Minerals and Metals (Cyan Ingot Icon)

    • Radioactive Isotopes (Yellow Radiation Hazard Icon)

    • Crystals and Gems (Magenta Gemstone Icon)

    • Chemicals (Blue Fluid in a Flask Icon)

    • Fuels (Red Fire Icon)

    • Organics and Carbohydrates (Green Plant Icon)

    So if you for example decide to process a Raw Wooden Log in a Sawmill (or with a Tool on your Player), it will turn into a low amount of "Organics" and also "Fuel". A Carpenter would turn it into mostly Decorative Stuff.
    Most Ores will just turn into varying amounts of "Metal" when processed in a Foundry, Gold Ore giving you way more "Metal" than Iron Ore, when smelted for example (Gold Ore might even give Money as a byproduct).
    This ofcourse leads to a lot of slightly exploitable Mechanics, similar to the Alchemical EMC System of the Exquivalent Exchange Mod for Minecraft, but that is intended, it’s easy Mode afterall.
    It is basically as if all Resources automatically get broken down into ratios of their basic Categories.
    With this System you could for example go get a ton of Iron Ore, turn it into "Metal" and then craft a decorative Platinum Ingot out of the "Metal". Said Ingot can be turned back into "Metal" too at 1:1 Ratio.

  • Normal Resource Complexity:
    Similar to Easy Complexity, Normal Complexity works the same, but it has 18 Main Resources.
    Each of the Easy Resources gets split up in 3 more Resource Categories depending on their rarity.
    So Metal will turn into 3 Categories, "Basic Metal", "Advanced Metal" and "Precious Metal"
    Same concept goes for the other five Categories.

  • Hard Resource Complexity:
    Here, every Resource is simply what it would be IRL too.
    You can’t just turn Iron into Nickel or anything like in previous Difficulties, you have to find the right Ore for the right purpose and process it the right way.

  • Very Hard Resource Complexity:
    This is basically GregTech-6. Not only you have real Resources and their Processing, but you also have to Shape them into Plates, Screws and Stuff before crafting with them.

  • Ore Processing:
    All Resources you can find in the World are the real ones, you see actual Iron Ore even if your Difficulty will only process it into "Metal" or "Money".
    So no matter what Difficulty you choose, all Worlds will contain the same Ores and Materials, only your Processing changes.
    If you for example wanna process any compatible Ore with Sulfuric Acid, like you would do with the Very Hard Option, but you are actually playing in Easy Difficulty, you can still do the processing to get more out of the Ore, and you only have to use an equivalent amount of "Chemicals" instead of using actual Sulfuric Acid.

  • Creating Decorative Things
    As you might guess, you will only have a somewhat limited variety of Resources, so how would that translate into making Decorative Blocks.
    It will probably go into a Style similar to the Carpenters Blocks Mod or the Storage Drawers Mod for Minecraft.
    You will get one Basic Plank, Door, Table, Chair etc. that can be made with just "Organics" (or "Wood", depending on Difficulty).
    This Basic Decorative Block has a rather plain Design and can be placed already if you want.
    But you can also craft it into a better looking Variant by combining it with the Decorative Wood you can get from a Pine Tree for example to make it into/outof Pine Planks.
    How exactly I will do this is not 100% clear to me yet, all I know for sure is that the Basic Variant will be made from "Regular Resources Only" and better Variants can be made from "Decorative Resources" and/or a combination of both.

Research and Technology System

Technology is split in several "Ages", which are going from "Stone Age" up to "Intergalactic Age" with steps inbetween.
Ofcourse you can select at the start of a Game/Server what Age you are going to start in.
The Player can’t remember all the things, so Knowledge has to be stored somewhere, either in form of Scrolls and Books earlygame, or with a Laptop/Phone latergame.
If you don’t wanna carry a ton of paperwork with you, a Library closeby or a Bookshelf next to your Crafting Station is needed in order to use Recipes. (Bookshelves will have some sort of Area of Effect, Libraries will cover the entire Settlement)
Sharing (both directly and Team Based) and also Stealing Tech Levels will be a Game Mechanic too for sure.
Having a Bookshelf with the corresponding Information close to your Crafting Station will have the benefit of being able to find the Recipes much faster, as it will display those Recipes up top.
NPCs will pretend to make use of that too, by having all the previously used but non-outdated Recipes in a closeby Shelf. This makes stealing certain Tech, or simply Cooking Recipes, a little bit easier.

  • Stone Age:
    The earliest possible Age. You are basically a Cave-Person in this scenario.
    Basic Tools made of Flint (Minerals), Fishing Poles, Fire Places, Fur Clothing, Clay Huts and Igloos are the best you can do.
    NPCs in this Age are just Hunters and Gatherers, teaming up with them might bring them in good terms with you when advancing to the next Age, but they are ultimately useless until then.
    You can remember all the Stone Age Technology without writing down Stuff.

  • Copper Age:
    Getting Copper and other low grade Metals is possible now, but alloying them is not.
    This is when you can actually build a real place to live.
    Farming Crops and Animals is doable now too.
    Clay Pots and similar are available.
    The best Tech you can do here are Animal driven Plows and an Animal/People driven Millstone for Grains.
    So far you can still remember all the Technology without writing down Stuff.

  • Bronze Age
    You can finally alloy Copper with Tin to make Bronze, or in easier Difficulties just use "Metal" instead of Bronze in Recipes.
    Carpentry becomes more and more important as Furniture, Carts and better Buildings are being used more often.
    Making Paper or Papyrus Scrolls is important to write most things down now, since there is plenty of Tech in this Age.

  • Iron Age
    Iron and Steel can now be produced in slightly larger Quantities and replace Bronze in a lot of Tools due to being lighter.
    A lot of Roman Technology will be added in this Age.

  • Medieval Age
    A lot of more Military Tech gets developed.
    The manual binding of Books starts to become a thing, as Books consume less Space than Scrolls.
    There is not much Tech to be added for the Medieval Age, simply because that’s the time where actually a lot of Tech got lost IRL.

  • Renaissance
    Many more or less useful contraptions get invented.

  • Imperial Age
    I need to look up things that were invented while Napoleon was ruling France and stuff.
    Coal Powered Machines and better Smelteries will become available.

  • Early Industrial Age
    Time based I would say this is Pre-World-War-1.
    You can finally automate a lot of Processes instead of having NPC to do those Jobs.
    Steam Powered Machines will become available.

  • Late Industrial Age
    Time based I would say this during World-War-2 and a bit afterwards.
    A lot of improvements in regards of Machines, Cars are being used much more commonly.

  • Nuclear Age
    Time based I would say this during the Cold War.
    Nuclear Power Plants and Weaponry are available now.

  • Early Information Age
    Computers and Information Processing are available now.

  • Late Information Age
    The whole Internet thing, you know.

  • And a lot of later Ages
    I am not decided yet on how to name or balance any of the Future Ages yet, so yeah there is ofcourse gonna be Ages for that. ;)

NPC System

NPCs are useful as they do work for you, especially repetitive Tasks are a good Job for NPCs.

  • NPC Government:
    The way NPCs are "governed" depends highly on their Culture, sometimes they use Money, sometimes they just use Food, sometimes they are flat out Slaves, sometimes you are their King, sometimes you are a regular Peasant to them, it all depends.
    Most NPC settlements will have a "Town Hall", "Castle" or "Command Center" of some sort, simply a Main Building or Hub.
    Inside that Building are several things that are very useful for controlling or managing the local NPCs (if you are in charge of them), or simply for Diplomacy Stuff.
    The NPCs will have a Map of everything that is within the Settlements Borders, using that Map you will be able to "edit" that Area freely in a blueprint fashion, and the NPCs will then go and try to Build what you mapped out for them (that is if you’re the one in charge of them).
    A Library will contain Information on how far the NPCs are in their Technology, and what the Statistics of the Village have been in the past. This can also be used to gain Information quickly, if you are allowed to even access the Library.
    Important Buildings such as the Main Building and the Library will be Guarded by NPCs, making it hard to just break into them. Some Players might intentionally leave their Library unguarded, so everyone can access them, or to save on Personell.
    Even if you don’t own an NPC Settlement, some (more or less unemployed) NPCs in it might end up helping you out in exchange for Food and/or Money.

  • Own NPCs:
    I will probably make it possible to have "your own Family of NPCs".
    Said Family would be responsible for things like "providing Bodies you can respawn in" (if enabled in Settings), or function as your personal NPC Settlement.

  • Things NPCs should be able to do:
    Here is a List of Tasks NPCs might end up doing for you

    • Governing their own Area while you are away

    • Farming and regular Food Production

    • Guarding, Attacking and general Military things

    • Harvesting and Refining any kind of Resources

    • Manufacturing generally everything that is needed on demand

    • Building and Upgrading Houses

    • Doing Research to unlock Recipes

    • Trading with other NPC Settlements and Travelling NPC Merchants

Potential Terms for Modding the Game

Ofcourse there needs to be Rules for modding my Game, since everything is supposed to be nice and open for everyone, and artistic freedom of expression should definitely be protected. I don’t want the same shit happening that Minecraft Modding had happen, so here is a rough overview of what you would have to agree to when modding my Game.

  • Hosting the Mod:
    You will not be forced to host your Mods on my Site or something like that, but it is highly recommended to do so for exposure reasons.
    Making a Post about your Mod on my Website automatically means you are agreeing to the Terms (and that you are also someone with the permission to agree to said Terms, so the Author of the Mod or a Team Member), otherwise it will be removed or flagged.
    Advertising a Mod that is not on the Site, might lead to removal of the post mentioning that Mod. I wont do that for normal conversations, but if someone starts a Thread about a Mod that isn’t agreeing to the Terms, it will be removed.

  • Copyright and Money related Stuff
    I don’t want Copyright or Money related Drama happen, and if it does happen I want it to be easily resolveable, so here are the reasons, why I need to make the Terms in the first place.
    If you post a Mod on my Site and you abandon it for whatever reason, you kinda still own that Copyright, and people wouldn’t be allowed to port your Mod to newer Versions. And I cannot have that happen.
    Same goes for if you make a Mod, but do such a bad Job, that someone in the Community makes a fixed Version of the Mod (if you dont allow the corresponding pull requests or implement them yourself). You should not be allowed to prevent said Community Member from making their own Version of your Mod.
    I will make sure that absolute copypaste ripoffs won’t happen, but if someone makes a Port of your Mod that is different enough, then they can do it on my Site (but not outside of the Site!).
    Also don’t include content that will be flagged by things like Youtubes Content-ID in your Mod. Namely Music and such. Mods that allow people to upload Custom Music are fine though.
    Outside of the Website of my Game, regular Copyright Law and Licenses still apply like usual, but on the Website the following applies:

    • The Community can use your Code and Assets however they want, except for the Mods Main Logo, that they would have to slightly adjust to make it distinguishable from the Original.

    • Because the Community is allowed to use your Assets and Code, both need to be freely available for them. The Website will have Git Repositories for that. This also means that you aren’t allowed to obfuscate your Code either. People need to be able to at least roughly read your Code.

    • Making Money from Mods on my Website is limited to Donation based Systems such as Patreon or a Paypal Donation Button. No Ads allowed on my Site!

    • Hosting Multiplayer Servers and selling Accounts to said Servers is a thing you are allowed to do to make Money, and Mods on my Site must freely permit such usage.

    • If you own the full Copyright on your Mod, then you can also make Money off of it outside my Site, but I would recommend you being nice about the ways you choose, because the Community can always just make their own Version of your Mod anytime they want.