Old GregTech Supporters Info
This Page is Deprecated
Please be wary that this only still exists for somewhat archival purposes. I likely won’t put new people on the Offline GT6 Supporter Lists anymore. The Online ones might still get supported.

If you experience Problems, check the The Online Supporter List for your MC-Username. It only works if you can directly connect to the Link. As you might have noticed, it is public and available to everyone.

Supporter Certificates

I added a "Supporter Certificate" Block as of 6.03.09, which is essentially a framed Piece of Paper showing that you Support me (if you are on the Supporter List). The Item itself is only Decorative, so you don’t get any Bonus from it. It will automatically be spawned into the Game once per Supporter and Server/World, when you rightclick a Block and have a free Spot in your Inventory. Note, that the Server needs to reboot in order to download the Supporter List, so that it knows that you are on the List. This usually happens when the Server you play on updates any Mods.


Recent MC Versions enable you to disable your Cape in the Options, this also works for the Supporter Capes.


Those Donations have absolutely nothing to do with Minecraft. Not even with GregTech. The Money is just going to myself and is only used to keep me alive. That you receive a Supporter Cape with this being installed is purely coincedential and has nothing to do with the property of Mojang or its subsidiaries, and neither Microsoft. I am not owner of any Minecraft Server that is available to anyone other than myself.

No Warranties

The presence of my Capes might not be permanent and can be removed in any future Version, if Mojang decides to extend the scope of the EULA to actually include serverunrelated Mods in the "Capes are not allowed" section, because it doesn’t as of the 23rd of June 2016. I don’t plan for it to happen, but it can happen anytime. If it ever happens, you all still have the Supporter Certificates. ;)