Profile Picture with the many Gregs

Gregorius (left), Gregory (top), Gregoriette (right), Sylvurriette (bottom)

Origin of Greg

Well, there is some sort of origin to me, ofcourse. This is the IRL inspiration and has not much to do with the Lore of my own Universe.
The Name Greg originates from the Pirate Captain in Gothic II, who I liked. As you might know, that Pirate Captain has Black Hair, not Red Hair, but he was the very Root of this, and that was long time, before I even started Modding (I also privately modded the Game "Clonk" for 3 years, before modding MC).
But now for where the Hair came from, in some year a week or two after new year I found a Lego Figurine that was a little bit covered in snow and ashes (probably from Kids blowing up small Stuff on new years eve), and unsurprisingly it was a red haired Pirate Figurine with an eyepatch.
So I decided to use that one as "myself" when playing Lego, or to be precise, just the Head, the outfit wasn’t that good, and named it Greg.
Greg wears a mostly Orange Hat (previously Red but that got retconned), that one originates from Lego aswell and was originally one of those Red Hats from the Train Lego Sets, but it is also supposed to resemble Super Marios Hat and so I mixed up both of those, Fun Fact: I wear the Mario Hat with Orange Dye in Terraria, because it’s the closest I can get to that Hat.
There is more, I played "Thief II - Metal Age" and I saw how most of the Robots the Mechanists built, had a circular glowing right eye as Camera, I thought it looked awesome and replaced the eyepatch with such an eye.
That is the reason why on the colored Logo there is two different colors for the Glasses, because one is that mechanical eye, while the other is just a blue tinted Monocle mounted to that thing.
Said Monocle was ofcourse inspired by Dr. Eggmans Glasses, even if I had to cut them in half for keeping the eye mechanical.
The Beard was kept from the original Greg Char but expanded by a slightly smaller Eggman Mustache, because I liked its look.
Gregs Body consists out of Nanites similar to the Human Shape Replicators in Stargate and Stargate Atlantis, but with an actual Mechanical Skeleton inside, that contains some more intricate Technology with Backup Nanite Sets, and the usage of several different Types of Nanites in parallel to be more redundant, for less vulnerability to Disruptor Technology.
The Greg→Gregorius change was simply to make the name more latin due to Stargate Atlantis being a part of the Lore related Origin of Gregorius.
The Last Name "Techneticies" is essentially originating from the words Technology and Net, together with a fitting word ending. Later I started to "claim", that the Element Technetium got named after me.
If I somehow had the chance to be a real life version of Gregorius (or anything remotely close to that), I wouldn’t hesitate and almost instantly take it! (preferrably after asking for the terms and conditions of that)

Flavours of Greg

There is multiple variants and alternate bodies I use depending on what I’m doing or am in the mood for. Though all Variants can either shapeshift, teleport-in-place or holographically project a different Appearance whenever needed.
I will talk about myself with varying pronouns on this Page (1st person, 3rd person, male, female, neutral), due to randomly being in different moods during the process of writing about myself.
All Versions of me are genderless though, and only use pronouns based on their overall Appearance, Name and Voice.
One thing of note, I draw all my Profile Pics myself (to varying quality) and am not planning to change that, but I appreciate the fan art. ;)
Also if you use built in Dark Mode on this Page the images might be slightly offcolor.

Classic Gregorius

As the name might suggest, I don’t really use that one anymore, since Modern Gregorius exists.
This was the original more armored Human form that was seen in older Profile Pictures of me, before I made myself into what is basically a Liquid Metal Terminator.
Classic Gregorius

Modern Gregorius

The most common appearance of Greg on the Internet.
Looking more similar to Modern Eggman with his Jacket, Mustache and Glasses.
As primary Melee and Energy Beam Weapon he uses his Sword-Cane.
His main Tasks are usually Design and Engineering related. Creating stuff, explaining details, watching things work, and fixing Issues. ;D
Apart from that he is also the one typically giving orders whenever needed, and complaining whenever he has to work with garbage others made, while trying to make it work with his stuff.
Modern Gregorius


Sometimes I just need to get work done, so I made Gregory. And much more than one of him.
His appearance is a floating spherical Metallic/Robotic Greg Head with animated glowing Eyes/Smile, and the Hat, accompanied by two floating Hands because a floating Head can’t do much by itself. Inspired mostly by Orbot, yet another Eggman reference. XD
Gregory is the only type of Greg without the Gear Shaped Iris Pattern, instead he has Screens with animated Eye dots on them. The intent based Color System is present too though.
Gregory is like all alternate Gregs a copy of my mind that is synchronized between all Gregs.
He does many of the simple and grindy Tasks, along with pointing at the things the other Gregs talk about to put emphasis on the focus of the conversation.
Typically it is not wise to interrupt or disturb him, while he is working, as he will remove you if he has to stop you.
I have also put him as Smiley into the automatic and canned Replies on my Forums, to give subtle hints that it’s more of an unpersonalized Response.

Gregoriette (last "e" is silent as so often with this suffix)

(Alternate spellings include Gregoriet, Gregoriett or Gregorietta; Shorthands being Ri, Riette or Rietta, that last one going well with Japanese Honorifics)
The Fun Part of Greg, and probably the one with the most exciting and free personality, while also being more combat and support oriented at the same time.
She is doing whatever she likes to do, typically activities related to Games, Food, Cuddles, being nice and other things she deems good, often while hanging out with her Friends.
It is not advised to behave unreasonably mean to others while she is around, as she will get rid of bad people around her in one way or another. There is however a type of Lawful Evil that she does like.
Her Dress is an Armor raining 360° Laser Bullet Hell at anything she targets, with sidepocket compartments containing 2 Swords and 2 Blasters, and the bottom opening of the Dress being able to act like a Jetpack.
There is actual Foxlike Ears on her head, and her holographic Ponytail is colored to look like a Fox Tail. It is a Hologram so nobody can pull on it, nor does she want it to get caught on anything.
She is often a "White Mage" or similar equipment based Support Class. In some less technological and more magical Universes, she is believing that Magic should be used by everyone in the World, to the point of becoming an Arcana Cleric.
I usually am more like her whenever I play non-Building Games or otherwise feel like wanting to have a nice time.


Another one is a "pet" Pokefusion that is based on Furret and Sylveon with some Foxlike features, which most often hangs around Gregoriette, doing mostly nothing important other than being cute, fluffy and pettable.
The physical Size of this Form can vary wildly anywhere between small enough to fit on the Shoulder to ride-able Size. Most often the actual size of a Furret, which is 1.8 meters, excluding the tail!
And yes, multiple instances of Greg can co-exist at the same time. Though Gregoriette still oftentimes assumes direct control of an Instance of this one, especially while just vibin and purring in the background.
I’m not really a person to take care of actual Pets, that’s why this is either a Form of me (Pokesona), or a remote controlled Instance, but never an actual independent Creature. I still use a Luxury Ball though, because I like being nice.
The typical use of this Form is when I don’t feel like doing anything useful, but still want to be "there" (for emotional support or just vibing).

Metal Slime Form

The most "obviously" existing Form is a Metal Blob of the bouncy/squishy variety.
One benefit of this Form is, that it can be used as a Bed/Pillow/Beanbag, when spawning an Instance for that.
This basically shapeless Form doesn’t really have Eyes, so the intent based Color System (see further below) will apply to the whole Body instead.
It is often the transitioning Form while shapeshifting, whenever the Form is not a Hologram or swapped out via inplace teleportation.

Common things

Many Forms of me have a lot in common with each other, and there is way more than the Forms above, though those are used much less often.
Here is a few things that are typical among most Versions of me:


All Greg Eyes have a Gear shaped Iris Pattern (except Gregory), and change color depending on what I’m intending to do at that moment (including Gregory).
During Idle time it is typically a hue similar to Royal Blue. Or whenever no other color works out.
They are Cyan whenever I’m looking up Information or reading someones mind. Though the latter I do usually only if something suspicious is going on, because Life would be boring if I knew everything about everyone.
The Color switches to Green basically only while consuming Food, which with my Machine Body I technically dont have to, but it’s still a nice thing to do.
A golden Yellow is often seen whenever I am protective about something, or when I project a Force Field. This happens much more often out of Combat than I would like…​
Orange is typically used when giving orders, which I don’t like doing, but sometimes I have to.
When I am quite literally seeing Red, I’m either out for some sort of revenge or justice, which is rare, or I am aggressively explaining in great detail why something bad happened. And I really hate the times when that actually happens, so I typically try to calm down before anything happens. A good example of things that can cause this are genocides and similar irrational attitudes of "destroy everything".
Magenta is normally seen while healing, restoring or repairing Stuff.
As for Pink, that’s for emotionally connecting, which is only really used by Gregoriette while hanging out with nice people. This is similar to mind reading, but mostly constitutes finding out what to do next in order to have a good time, while skipping on things I personally dislike. This ability makes me supportive to an often very uncanny degree, whenever I feel like this. (and yes I have a similar ability to mirror emotions in real life, and that uncanny supportiveness is a direct result of that…​)
Creating and designing Stuff is what Purple is for.
Except the original Greg who has the natural Human Brown Eyecolor, Brown is only ever used for things one Greg Instance has remote control over. Gregoriette directly controlling a Red Fox Instance she created is the most common example.


The Hair Color is most oftenly Red or Red-Orange, and in fitting cases may have an Red-Orange Fox alike Pattern.
Male-Humanoid-themed Variants typically wear a full Beard plus Mustache combo, similar to Modern Gregorius.
The Mechanical Eye is a common optional choice, and is sometimes combined or replaced by blue tinted Sunglasses.
Hats are typically a combination of Orange, Black and a little bit of Yellow/Gold.
Teeth are either surprisingly Square or involve more pronounced Canines similar to how Humans with Fox features are often depicted in Anime. Those are not actually Vampire Fangs, even though they might look like it.


Clothes other than the Hat are most oftenly in a shade of Blue with a little bit of Yellow, though dark Gray and glowing Cyan can come into play too. At least while being outside.
The Gear Logo (the one without the Greg Face) appears in quite a lot of places on my Clothes and Equipment.
Animal-themed Variants are commonly of the Red-Orange Fox type.
A non-alcoholic Juice filled Tetraedical "Martini"-Glass, or a Milkshake Cup with a Straw, are typical Drink choices depending on Situation. The Tetraedical "Martini"-Glass is chosen because unlike other types of Vessel, its triangular form makes it so you dont have to tilt it 90° to drink from it.

Home Base

The place I use as Home depends on the Universe I’m in, and can range from a Space Station or Large Space Ship all the way up to Extra-Dimensional or Extra-Planar Space.
Regardless which of those is the case, I have some way of teleporting back and forth from and to my Base whenever I want to.
Time in my Base does usually pass extremly fast compared to the outside World, so I can stay however long I want, with time being basically frozen in the outside World.
In order to make the place just perfect for everything, a large part of it is a sort of Holodeck capable of materializing real Matter anywhere inside and regulating temperature to a very precise degree.
Most other things about my Home Base are only there to keep Infrastructure running and protected from any sort of outside Forces.


One of my personal Goals for my Game is, to be able to easily customize Characters with lots of detail, so that I can easily design all variations of myself, without hardcoding or account-locking anything.
This is not just restricted to Visuals, Animations and Effects, but should also be able to feature Audio in the form of "Voice", Themes, Leitmotifs and similar.
Considering the many Forms I have at my disposal, there is definitely a lot of things to provide an easy selection for, so people don’t have to dig too deep into the Code to make "themselves" work.
And yes, I know this is not any of the Gameplans Pages, but it feels like fitting here very well, since it does outline one of my Priorities. ;)