GregTech for Minecraft 1.7.2

GregTech, created by GregoriusT, is a Mod that completely overhauls Minecraft, adding numerous Machines and Materials, as well as adjusting Recipes for existing Items in order to make them fit with its System, and to make everything work well together, compatible and mostly exploit-free whenever possible. GregTech is meant to extend the Game by making things more compatible, more reasonable and adding a lot of complex Machines, as well as generally useful Utility to make everything work together nicely.

IndustrialCraft² Build 484.
NEI for its recipe display system. You can always disable cheats if you think it is cheaty. If that Link goes 404 because obviously nobody cares to maintain it, use this one instead on CurseForge and don’t forget CCC. And if that is broken too check out mcarchive.net.
A Note to the casual Players

This Mod is not directed at casual Players in any Way, Shape or Form, it is a Mod that adds a very reliable System, with a very reliable Logic to the Game, that offers the most complexity of all Mods. Said complexity doesn’t cause any grinds, but it does consume Time and there is a HUGE difference between grind and time consumption, grind means you need to work hard on things (many stupid Mods do that), what you clearly don’t need with GT, while Time consumption means, that you have to think of what you are doing at which point in Time before actually doing it, in order to not end up as a stupid Worker, who does the same repetitive junk over and over again.
That said, if you don’t have enough Time to think about things before doing them, then better not use GT, but if you like planning out things and using lots of Automation to do stuff in parallel, then go for it.

Older Versions of other Mods

mcarchive.net has quite a few older Versions of known Mods, that might fit well together.
Modrinth Archives is also archiving old Mods, maybe you find what you are looking for there.

License and Modpacks

This Mod was made by me, Gregorius Techneticies (aka GregoriusT) and is licensed under the LGPL and Creative Commons 0 for the most Parts (except Logos), so share it whereever you want, nobody is going to stop you. ;)
But I’m not responsible if you got the Mod from a place that isn’t here!
People, who non-financially contributed to the Mod are credited in the mcmod.info.
Some older GregTech Sourcecode does not exist anymore, so I cannot provide it if asked to. This makes it technically impossible to officially license those specific Versions under LGPL, but I still consider them Free to use for other purposes under the same terms GT6 has.


Just drop the File into the Mods Folder after installing IC².
Contains the API Code of GT5.

Show Changelog
There is a Port of GT on the IC² Forums which continues the GT5 way of things.

5.07.07: (Warning: Lenses are uncraftable unless you already own Gem Plates, or have a Mod that happens to add Gem Storage Blocks (like this one: http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=11276 ), or Minetweaker, but you can downgrade to 5.07.06 safely without loosing anything)
[FIXED] The stupid Bug with the Wooden Plate getting too cheap.
[FIXED] Bronze Blast Furnace even being available when TerrafirmaCraft is installed, what is breaking the desired Tech Tree, or at least making people believe they could break it, until they find out that TFC Coal doesn't work.
[PARTIALLY_FIXED] Whenever I fail to register a Fluid Container Item, there will be a Fluid Canner Recipe for emptying it.
[REMOVED] The MetaData check for the Timber Axe in order to work on Rubber Trees...

5.07.06: (RECOMMENDED)
[ADDED] Disabling Timber Functionality of the Axe by Sneaking.
[ADDED] Fire Aspect III+ Arrows now set things on Fire.
[CHANGED] The Ore Stacksize can now be limited to amounts below 16. Note that this also affects crushed Ores and dirty Dusts as well (if you are a Smartass with a Macerator and a Battery).
[FIXED] Usage of very old Reflection Code in the getSaveDirectory Method.

[ADDED] A very simple Timber Functionality to the Axe (off per Default Config). And ONLY to the GT Axe. Also I am aware that even an Axe with 1 Durability Point can cut down a whole column of Wood. Considering the amounf of Material going into Crafting an Axe, this is acceptable.
[ADDED] Fine Wires (which are not placeable). Gotten by wiremilling a regular Wire, or if no regular Wire exists, from wiremilling Ingots/Sticks directly. Hand Craftable by cutting Foils.
[FIXED] Crops not being loaded into the Game.
[FIXED] Infinite Worldgen Loops, which are caused for whatever Reason. But it is killed now.

[FIXED] StackOverflowError in Container Item Function.
[FIXED] The Rough TextureSet using the Lignite/Quartz Texture rather than the normal Ore Texture.

[ADDED] Made Sealed Wood obtainable.
[ADDED] Melting Points for all Elemental Materials and an automatic Calculation for Melting Points of Alloys to get at least some Default going for the unknown ones.
[ADDED] Desh to the ToolSet-able Materials (it also defaults to Desh Rods as Handle).
[ADDED] The Multi-Ingots and Multi-Plates, which I procrastinated for ages.
[ADDED] Centrifuge Recipe for Red Sand => 50% Iron Dust, 50% regular Sand.
[ADDED] Buzzsaw for Crafting more efficiently (And Buzzsaw Blades as new Toolhead Item).
[ADDED] Electric Screwdriver.
[ADDED] Chemical Bath Recipes for any Iron/WroughtIron/Steel Object to a Fiery Steel Version directly. (now it works like the Polarizer, but with Fiery Blood)
[CHANGE] The way OreDict Crafting Recipes for Tools has changed in order to not create duplicate Recipes. Most of those are also shaped rather than shapeless now.
[CHANGE] Electric Tools now require small Gears (those replace 2 of the Plates of the Power Unit), except for the Jackhammer which now needs a Spring and a Long Stick
[CHANGE] Electric Pistons now use small Gears rather than the large Gears.

[ADDED] Amber Toolset + Silk Touch Enchant on it. But it is weak and slow. Note, that Amber is also generated by GregTech since a while as Part of the rare Small Gem Ores generated everywhere. (unlike Ordo Shards of Thaumcraft)
[ADDED] Lathe Recipe for Wooden Logs -> Long Wooden Sticks. Also a Crafting Recipe variant.
[ADDED] Forge Hammering Recipes for Long Sticks made of Metal.
[ADDED] A Lathe and a Crafting Recipe for Flawless and Exquisite Gems to make Long Sticks.
[ADDED] Fiery Blood infused Ingot Chemical Bath Recipe.
[FIXED] Paper Multi-Plates not being added.
[FIXED] NPE in onPlayerInteraction Event call.
[CHANGE] Some Tools now require higher Tier Tool Rods depending on their weight (so no longer just Wooden Handles). Note that I am aware of the Fact that some Tools are no longer available earlygame, like the cheap ass Lead Hammer due to requiring better Materials as Handle. (Lead is heavy enough to justify Tungstensteel btw.)
[CHANGE] Very few Tools even require Blaze Rods as Tool Handle Material.
[CHANGE] Some Magic Tools require Thaumium Rods in order to be crafted (in case Thaumcraft is installed, if not then it will just use Steel).
[CHANGE] Adjusted the Colors of GT Ironwood, GT Steeleaf, GT Knightmetal and GT Fiery Metal to fit the TF Variants (since they never really got a proper Color in the first place)
[CHANGE] A lot more Recipes are now getting buffered so that the Crafting Recipe List is not spammed at the time I check for eventual collisions.
[REMOVED] The Five Textures for the original Rotor Items, due to being unused. Old Rotors will still unificate into the new ones, just the Textures are missing now (if stored in a Container which doesn't unificate the Items).
[REMOVED] The Special Case for making GT Machines Disassembleable automatically. It has been replaced by the regular Tag inside the Recipe for doing so.

[FIXED] Some internal Bugs regarding Crafting Recipes (that Bug has only hit Railcraft Compat).
[FIXED] Some OreDict Processing failing due to having a Nullpointer rather than the Materials._NULL reference. (that caused Wood to fail)

[CHANGE] Made Fluid Display Item visible to Creative and therefore NEI, when the Debug Mode Config is on.
[FIXED] Railcraft Recipes being added even when the Railcraft Recipes are disabled by Railcraft itself.
[FIXED] A MetaTileEntity using a wrong ID. Do not craft an Insane Voltage Oven until you get this Version. (E-Furnace is okay, just the Oven is bad).
[FIXED] Some confusion between the Poor and the Small Ores of TFC.
[FIXED] Usage of a Constructor which doesn't belong to GT (the FoodValues one) within a Function, that is existing inside the Code, causing reflection Errors in some Mods. (But why the hell do they not try/catch for NoClassDefFoundError?)
[FIXED] Late OreDict Registrations not getting their Recipes applied at all for some reason. (only Unification should not work late)
[FIXED] MV Drill being as fast as the HV Drill should be, and HV Drill being as slow as the MV Drill should be.
[ADDED] A TextureSet for Magnetic Items with a Plus/Minus Overlay.
[ADDED] A few new Meta Items, such as small Gears (1 Unit), Springs (1 Unit), small Springs (1/4 Unit), the Rotors (as the 5 already known ones, but now as MetaItem, the old 5 ones will get unificated into the OreDicted ones) and Long Sticks (1 Unit, is basically 2 Sticks).
[ADDED] A few Batch Files inside the Assets Folders to copy any drag-dropped single File into a selection of Texture Sets at once.
[ADDED] RC Copper Plate to the Unification Targets for plateCopper. (just like Iron and Steel Plates)
[ADDED] RC Tin Plate to the Unification Targets for plateTinAlloy. (TinAlloy = 1 Iron + 1 Tin)
[API] Changed IArrowItem to IProjectileItem, and added a Parameter to all the Functions, which shows the Type of Projectile that is being asked for (as SubTag).
[API] Some Texture Set related improvements for the MetaGenerated Items. Both the Location of the Files and the Texture Set Code itself have changed. Every Icon of the particular Texture Set can be changed for Texturepack Reasons.
[API] OreDict Prefixes can now be assigned a TextureSet Array Index in order to have Icons. Since the TextureSet is Array based it is only useful for me, but it is something.
[API] I now use some static imports for certain Constants. Writing just one Character and using Auto-Complete is much better for commonly used things, such as the Material Units (now "M" and "L") or the Item Wildcard Constant (now "W"). And for OCD reasons I also did true and false ("T" and "F").
[API] Most Constants from GregTech_API moved to gregtech.api.enums.GT_Values
[API] Added a way to tell the Crafting Recipe Adder to not check for Collisions.
[API] An awful lot of tiny Optimizations. Some of those might have improved Startup Performance.

[ADDED] A way to autoproduce Repeaters and Comparators in the Assembler using liquid Concrete rather than Stone.
[FIXED] Fluid Container Crash if Twilight Forest is not present.
[REMOVED] Iron Blocks and Diamond Blocks are now no longer made more Blastproof, due to some strange Mechanics depending on them in other Mods. Why don't they just use Item Entities laying on the Ground instead of inworld Blocks for TNT Processing?
[CHANGE] The Railcraft Recipe Replacing now only removes regular Crafting Recipes and not any special Handlers (using an API change below). Sorry CovertJaguar.
[API] The removeRecipeByOutput() Function can now be flagged to only remove native IRecipes by using a "getClass().getName() == One of the Native Classes Names" check (so no instanceof check). I made a List of Native and Native alike Handlers (Vanilla, GT, IC2, Forestry and AE regular Crafting) for that purpose.
[API] Made the MetaGenerated Item more dynamic and added a 1 Item -> 1 Prefix Variant for later usage.

[ADDED] Chipped Gems can now be made into Arrow Heads.
[ADDED] Glass Arrows, which can be filled with some of the Potions. Instant Damage won't work for technical reasons, for example (due to that one damage immunity second of Entities).
[ADDED] Holy Water in order to buff any regular Arrows with +3 Levels of Smite. With Platinum Arrows you can now get Smite VIII (instant kills most undead creatures). You can combine it with Sharpness or Disjunction Arrows too. Holy Water Bottles spawn as Dungeon Loot. I just found out that Smite seems to work on Eldritch Guardians, so they count as Undead.
[ADDED] Fiery Blood and Fiery Tears of Twilight Forest can buff any Arrows with +3 Fire Aspect. Note: You can only buff the Arrows once, if you buff them with another Fluid, then the previously applied Fluid buff will be washed away.
[ADDED] Molten Blaze gives +1 Fire Aspect.
[ADDED] Mercury gives +1 Disjunction (That is enough to keep Endermen from Teleporting away).
[ADDED] Molten Rubber gives +1 Knockback.
[CHANGE] Toned GT Arrows by Skeletons down to be used only every 16th time.
[CHANGE] Made the Solar Panels no longer disassembleable. The Reverse Recipes will keep existing, just the Disassembler won't work on them anymore.
[API] Added Dispensing to possible Item Behaviours.
[API] Added the isItemStackUsable check to Item Behaviours.
[API] Added a way to add Arrows to the Item Behaviours, and an Interface for Arrow Items.

I fixed the Display Crash in the Thaumonomicon (Charcoal Recipe) by just adding a Page to move the crashing Part to Page 3 (with a warning on Page 2 to not look at Page 3). This is not a perfect Solution, but it seems to work.
Internal Change of some Texture Stuff (only Code wise, the File Paths are still the same, so nothing a Texturepack Maker should worry about).
Fixed the missing empty Space in the Default CrO2 Local Name.
Added Arrows for the Meta Materials including most of their Enchantments.
The Arrow used depends on how your Inventory is sorted.
They are all Dispenser compatible.
The Disjunction ones >>CAN<< hit Endermen and cause them to not be able to teleport for a while (but they will teleport away right after getting hit, because the Weakness happens after the hit).
The Weakness Potion Effect causes Endermen to not be able to teleport.
Strongholds now spawn with Damascus Steel Arrows and Sterling Silver Arrows (Disjunction is very good against the Ender Dragon).
Fixed Damascus Steel Pickaxe and Shovel Heads spawning in Stronghold Corridors rather than Mineshaft Corridors.
The Arrow Variant, which is made using Plastic Sticks instead of Wooden Sticks flies +50% faster and has therefore a larger Range.
Fire Aspect Arrows (not to confuse with burning Arrows!) can ignite Creepers.
Even though I don't know if a Looting Arrow makes any sense, because of being very costly compared to a Melee Weapon, I made Looting work on my Arrows. Note: This Bullshit needs Fakeplayers to work because someone at Mojang thought "Hey, lets make Looting dependant on what the Player holds in Hand rather than the actual Object used to kill the Mobs"
You can ram an Arrow into an Entity by Hand (Leftclick), what breaks the Arrow and does Punch Damage + its Enchantment Effects. This is useless in normal cases, but if you happen to not have a Sword with that Effect, you can use the Arrow instead.
Skeletons will shoot random GT Arrows, but they won't drop them, and you cannot collect them. If you are really unlucky, you will get an Radioactive Arrow.
Oh, and radioactive Arrows are a thing.

Added compatibility to AppleCore (well I don't know for sure if it works, if it doesn't work, then report it to me).
Added some more Railcraft Recipe mirrors.
Added a simple Oven, which is almost identical to the Electric Furnace, but with a different Texture.
Fixed ULV Casing Assembler Recipe.
Decreased the general chance for electric Tools to get actual durability damage from 1 in 10 to 1 in 25. (yeah the original wording was wrong :P )
Made Drills and Jackhammers +50% faster on Blocks.
Fixed Bottom Cover Removal when placing a Basic Machine.
Monazite got a few more uses now.
Removed Herobrine

Fixed the Crash Issue due to accidential Clientside Code on Servers in my own Written Book Items.
Added Creeper Ignition on Leftclick using any Lighter or Matches. It works with instanceof EntityCreeper so it might works with modded Creepers.

Older Changelogs from before I kept track of it.

Added automated Recipe Reversing for GregTech Crafting Recipes. Now you can reverse all Machines without a Disassembler as long as you have a Pulverizer, Arc Furnace or Fluid Extractor.
Replaced many Railcraft Crafting Recipes with almost identical, but slightly more oredicted GregTech Crafting Recipes (mainly for the Recycling mentioned right above).
Made a fun new Minecart Recipe. Now it needs Minecart Wheels (2 Rings + a Rod = a pair of Wheels), but it is exactly as expensive as before, Material wise.
Added the missing LuV, ZPM and UV Solar Panels to the OP Stuff Config. I wonder if anyone produces the more than 1 Million Units of Silicon Needed for the most expensive one. (also all GT Solars produce /8 Energy during Night as long as there is no Rain as always).

Added ItemData System in order to specify the Components of an Item when possible. This has changed quite some API things.
Added Microwave back.
Added Arc Furnii for reversing Recipes using Smelting.
They output Annealed Copper and Wrought Iron whenever Copper or Iron would come out of it.
Added proper uses for Wrought Iron and Annealed Copper in regular Iron/Copper Recipes.
Wrought Iron can be used to make Steel much cheaper Energy wise.
Changed a few Pulverization Recipe Durations.
Added a lot of new Recycling Recipes and improvements to some other ones.
Texture Locations for the generic Basic Machines changed.
Fixed a bunch of Bugs.

GregTech 5.05 Open Beta (MC 1.7.10)

Changed the Printers Functionality and removed one Input and one Output Slot of it, because of working with Fluids now. Read the new Printer Manual if you are incapable of just looking into NEI.
Added the 16 Color Sprays back, but no way to obtain the Chemical Dye used to fill them. :P
Changed Textures of the Sensor Kit/Card to fit the Nuclear Control Items.
Added some other random Items, and changed some Food Recipes.
Fixed a lot of small Bugs.

Fixed the Extruder Recipes being added to the Extractor (what failed too btw lol) for some stupid reason. Copypasta stroke back.

Added a whole bunch of Food Items, including Potato Chips, Fries, Sandwiches, Burgers, Chum and many more. The Plant ones, the Cheese and the Dough are all compatible with Harvestcraft and vice versa. (Chum causes Hunger and Nausea, and is always edible)
Added a half assed Cake in order to fulfill the promise in the Log (just the bottom part without any toppings :P)
Added the Slicer, a Machine which just presses things through Blades to cut them into different Shapes.
Added the Fluid Heater. Currently it only heats Water (for Steam) and edible Oils (for frying).
Added the Sifter to get Gems from purified Ores.
Added 4 new classes of Gems like Terrafirmacraft does, including the OreDict Names.
Added a bunch of new Molds, like the Anvil Mold in order to autoproduce Anvils.
Added Code to prevent too many Mobs of the same kind from being in a way too small Area. Those Mobs will get 1 Heart of Damage every 100 ticks PER other Mob that is too much for that confined place. This kills all vanilla KFC Farms, I know of, successfully and without any hassle. You can thank me later when this has prevented your Servers from crashing due to artifical Mob density (that is even laggier than Hoppers btw).
Fixed the Nugget Mold not being used in the Fluid Solidifier.
Fixed the Dimension Config for Ores not working for the large Veins. That Config might be a clusterfuck to deal with, due to being too dynamic, but it works.

Fixed and uploaded.

Changed Energy Crystals to be an Autoclave Recipe instead of Compressor.
Added the long time awaited Energy Detector Cover back. Note: it takes the maximum input and output Amperage into account too! But it doesnt count Batteries inside the Battery Buffer, since those are Items which have nothing to do with the Block itself.
Fixed some Bugs.

Added Assembler Recipes for the new Electric Rail Stuff of Railcraft.
Changed some EBF Recipes to require Oxygen.
Fixed a bunch of Bugs as always. And don't come to me and ask "is this fixed?" because I won't answer that.

Added Fluid Dyes.
Added Glue. Used for making Paper Boards, Sticky Pistons and Duct Tape.
Added Fish Oil, what is essentially the same as Seed Oil, but from raw Fish.
Fixed that nasty crash when the Client has more Fluids than the Server you join to (as in Client having a newer GT than Server).
Added a large Fluid Cell made of Steel which stores 16000 Liters of Fluid (stackable up to 4). This only saves on Material, compared to universal Fluid Cells.
Added a large Fluid Cell made of Tungstensteek [sic] which stores 64000 Liters of Fluid (stackable up to 4). With this you can store 256000 Liters per Slot instead of just 64.
Added Apatite Crystallization.
Fixed some other Bugs.

Crash fix is literally all I did

Fixed that Forge Bug KingLemming added to his variant of the FluidStack Class causing it to not sync its "ID" when joining a Server (only fixed for GT things). That Bug is flat out even using an ID inside the FluidStack Class instead of referencing the Fluid directly, like the ItemStack Class does with Items. LexManos has that easyly fixable Bug (and way too many other "change less than 10 Lines" Bugs) on his TODO-List, so I don't expect a fix on Forge Side until 1.8 or something what is definetly too late.
Fixed some other Bugs.

Added various ways of making Fire.
Optimized the Recipe Handler better, instead of having a "Input Slot 0 != null" Check it now checks for the minimal Requirements of the Recipe Fluid and Item Slot-Amount wise, before searching for Recipes. The previous Solution has caused that mentioned Centrifuge Bug btw.
Fixed some other Bugs.

Flint and Steel now has a 30% chance of success. (configurable)
Added Fluids for all Metals. Default Temperature is 1000 kelvin if not set to a proper value.
Added the old Nuclear Control Support back.

Block Updates now cause the ore to send its information to the client too (ofcourse only if it was obstructed before).

Fixed the Tool HashSets. I forgot that HashSets are just like HashMaps meaning when the Item IDs remap all the functionality would be gone if I didn't remap the Hashes too...

Some API changes regarding Lists. Some Lists are now Collections instead. (most of the time a HashSet instead of an ArrayList)
Hopefully fixed that stupid Ore Crash.
All Circuit Recipes changed dramatically. Please report any accidential Loops. And yes, there were many nerfs too and you can only workbench the NANDs and the Basic Circuits, the Rest is Machine only.

GregTech 5.04 Open Beta (MC 1.7.10)

I just updated with a, lets call it fix I hope, for the Ore thing.

Uploading seems to be fixed. Maybe it was a bad timing last time.
The Ores should be fixed now too, because the opacity check was being called before the removal of the adjacent Block. (so the network optimizations are still in)
Fixed Fluids not being Color Modulated in my Cells and my Fluid Displays. (I didn't even know that this Color thing was even an option until now)
Added Support for the PFAA Oil Fluids in the Distillery.
And I added a little bit of Buildcraft Support to the Laser Engraver and the Forming Press.
Super Buffers and Chest Buffers are much less laggy now.
Fixed a lot of other Issues.
Fixed the Crash Issue with my Ores (probably).
Added molten Tin and automatic Metal=>Fluid Recycling if the Metal has a proper Fluid.
Fixed the refined Iron Casing not being handled.

Added the electric Forge Hammer finally.
Added some Fluids.
All Railcraft Rails are now craftable in the Assembler using Molten Redstone and Molten Blaze.
Laser Engraver now makes Chiseled Variants of the Stones/Quartzes.
Changed many Recipes to use Oxygen instead of Air.
Removed the Recipes for NitroCarbon and SodiumSulfide, because they are useless now.
Coins are now made in the Forming Press. The Press does support renaming the Mold to rename the Coins.
Fixed Forestry Blocks not being recognized.
And many other Bugfixes.

Added Laser Engraver, Forming Press and molten Redstone.
Those can be used to make the AE Circuitry.
That the Forming Press requires PLATES for the Processors instead of Gems is intended, only exception being the Pure Certus Quartz.
Please watch the Voltage on the Laser Engraver Recipes, creating the AE Presses requires Extreme Voltage at least. (it is much easier to find the Presses in the Meteors)
The Mixer can do Fluix Crystals, Concrete and Energium Dust now.

I hope that Index File gets generated withing the next 5 to 10 Minutes. Otherwise just change the 5.04.00 Link to be 5.04.01 (on both Parts of the Link)
Added some compat for Harvestcraft and MagicalCrops Items.
Fixed Potion MetaData, so that Fluid Potions can be botteled again. Fluid -> Potion works always, while Weakness and Slowness Potion -> Fluid doesnt work all of the times (if you produced them the vanilla way), I cannot fix that Issue without creating a redundant Weakness or Slowness Potion Fluid.
Added Mixer for mixing Dusts. Forgot to change the Concrete Recipe to use it instead of the Chemical Reactor...

Supports 1.7.10 properly now, but is still 1.7.2 compatible.
Location of download changed.
Mislabeled as 5.03p in mcmod.info

GregTech 5.03 Open Beta (MC 1.7.2)

Added NEI Support for Ore Byproducts as List.
Added Gallium as Byproduct of Bauxite and Sphalerite.
Added Niobium-Titanium, Canadium-Gallium and YttriumBariumCuprate Wires.
Added 4 Superconductor Recipes using the aforementioned Wires and Naquadah Wires.

Fixed Concrete Glitches again, when it is submerged in Water.
Improved NEI a bit again.

Made it possible to brake on Concrete by Sneaking.
Fixed some Bugs.

Added Autoclave to crystallize Quartzes. Made the NEI recipe Handler output the Recipes of small and tiny Dusts, when clicking the regular Dust and vice versa. Same for Nugget and Ingot.
Made the OreDict Unificator more Efficient. This makes not only the startup faster but it also means less Lag in general.

Added Polarizer (to make Permanent Magnets for the small Motors).
Added Electromagnetic Separator (mainly for Ores) Changed the Recipes of Motors and Pumps (Iron Rod + 4 Redstone = magnetic Iron Rod, and Rubber Sheet + Knife = Rubber Ring, for the Starters out there).
Added ways to obtain Neodymium from Rare Earth from crushed Redstone Ore and some other mods Ores, also added Monazite and Bastnasite Ore to the Worldgen (but they aren't necessary in older Worlds, you can still use Redstone Ore for Rare Earth).
Made again a few new Recipe wrappers for Extractor, Compressor and Macerator. Optimizing my Code by killing almost identical Class Files is fun.
Concrete Plates are now available, so that there is at least one Concrete Cover

Found out that Concrete Road + Ice Blocks below = Linear Accellerator.
Ore Washer and Thermal Centrifuge now use the Standard Recipe System with the Help of a Recipe System Adapter. Fixed some Bugs.

Fixed Mobs sinking into concrete by making the Hitbox Soulsand sized.
Improved the Recipe Handling of the E-Furnace, the Fluid Canner and the Unboxinator, resulting in those 3 Machines now also being 100% Standard Machines without any special additional Code.
Fixed the Item Input Filtering of the Chemical Bath, now it doesn't let Items in if their proper Fluid isn't stored in there first.
Fixed Unification regarding blacklisting of Blocks, since Blocks aren't supposed to be actively Unificated at all.
Made Unification Blacklisting much more efficient.
Removed the Industrial Grinder Recipe List. Forgot that it was still in causing quite a bit of Lag on startup.

Added Concrete and several Recipes for its usage. Also you can walk faster on it, and (unlike the Chisel Version...) you don't glitch forward or sidewards when walking on it.
Added usage for Chlorine in the Chemical Bath to get rid of the Dye on things like Wool, Clay or Glass (Glass is stained meaning it isnt actually colored Glass, it is just painted Glass so it makes sense).
Fixed a Bug in the Forge OreDictionary (but only fixed for GT, since I needed to hack into the OreDict), where it doesn't allow Items to be registered when they are the same Item with the same OreDict Name, but with a different MetaData/DamageValue. That had caused trouble with my Granite and Concrete Blocks, since only the first registration actually worked due to that, what made them un-maceratable. (and I mentioned it to a Forge Dev so it is reported)
Fixed a bunch of other Bugs.

Added Chemical Bath. It does the Mercury and Sodium Persulfate thing of the old Industrial Grinder.
Moved GT Sounds to another Thread to cause less Lag.
GT Machines now buffer the last used Recipe so that those extremely fast working Machines are not Searching for the Recipe all the time.
NINJA UPDATE: Fixed sounds causing crashes

Added Distillery for the smaller refining needs.
Added NEI support for the Scanner.
Fixed a few Bugs.

Fixed a few Bugs.
The Scanner can now analyse Bees and Trees.
Fixed wood to charcoal recipe using Thaumcraft
Generalized Basic Machines even more.

Fixed Recipe Bug. (A crash occurred before if Railcraft was installed without Thaumcraft. Railcraft contains the Thaumcraft API, which makes GregTech assume it is installed, which causes a crash due to adding recipes that cannot be added)

Added Fluid Support for Centrifuge and Electrolyzer, this has the effect of destroying almost every pre-existing automated Machinery since the Recipes (Methane, Hydrogen, Lava, Helium, Water, Mercury and many more) now require and output Fluids in many cases. (Some Recipes with Fluid Cells still require Cells!)
Fixed several Bugs and attempted to fix the Fluid Pipe thing. Lets see if it worked.
Added more Recipes for Forestry Compat.

Added Forestry Compatibility for the corresponding GT Machines such as the Squeezer (the single input ones) and Centrifuge Recipes (basically all).
Added Fluid Extractor and Fluid Solidifier, and yes some of their Recipes will be replaced by better means in the future (as in a Basic Smelter and a Basic Freezer).
Added Molten Glass, a Fluid Input Slot for the Assembler and the possibility to make Electron Tubes in the Assembler.
Changed some Recipes to require Fluid means of processing.
Crushed Ice Fluid is now obtained by Fluid Extracting Ice Dust. Forestry Ice Shards can be macerated to said Ice Dust.
Improved my NEI Plugin, added "Fake" Recipes for certain things to have the display (including the accepted Forestry Recipes, the Fluid Canner and the Rock Breaker), fixed the stupid stacksize Bug in the Wildcard permutations but just for the GT Plugin since that is a Core Bug in NEI (FIX IT CHICKENBONES JUST FIX IT, IT IS IN THERE FOR AGES AND HAS BEEN REPORTED MULTIPLE TIMES #RAGE), did I mention that my Plugin is Fluid compatible within itself last time already?
The Cutting Machine now requires Lubricant (or at least Water) in order to cut. It also gives the increased Wood Output, which the old "Multiblock" Sawmill had (that thing looked just like crap, it was a "why is that a multiblock"-Machine).

Improved NEI Support. Now everything is generic and fully automatic as long as it uses the GT Recipe System.
Added the possibility of having Fluid In- and Outputs into the GT_Recipe Class.
Overhauled the GT_Recipe Class massively.

GregTech 5.02 Open Beta (MC 1.7.2)

Added Fermenter for fermenting Fluids.
Added new Drinks and Stuff. Most of them are hidden from NEI.
Whenever a brewing Process fails it will end up as mundane Potion. This applies to the Redstone/Glowstone/Gunpowder augmentations. You can use this also to clear the Input Fluid out of the internal Tank.
Purple Drink is now the greatest junk you could ever drink. Nobody knows what is inside this mysterious Bottle (except for the one who made it ofcourse).
Did not add ANY new crops
Forestry Lemons are compatible btw in case you want to make Life take them Lemons back.
Added Thermos Can for keeping hot things hot and cold things cold. Required for some of the new Fluids.
Fixed the Bug with the Glass/Plastic/Rubber Extruding/AlloySmelting.
Fixed some other Bugs.

Fixed a Nullpointer in Thaumcraft.
Fixed bare Wires not electrocuting people.
Fixed Hammers not crushing Glass even though they are supposed to.

Added two new abilities to the Plunger: 1. Cleaning Fluid in Tanks and Pipes and 2. Cleaning Essentia Containers and Tubes from Essentia.
Improved the Material System a little by adding more SubTags to my Stuff. If you encounter strange Recipes regarding Gems, please tell me. The Lathe Recipe for Gem Rods is intended however.
Added the JackHammer back. It is an HV Tool with Titanium Hull and shatters most Rocks into pieces. Not to mention it is twice as fast as the HV Drill.

Added Automatic Breweries.

Added Restriction Pipes which count as 100 regular Pipes of each of their kind.
Added Sense (other people call it a Scythe), which harvests a 3x3x3 of Crops/Leaves on Leftclick. It can harvest a 3x3 of IC Crops on Rightclick.
Added Plow, which shovels a 3x3x3 Area of Snow, and ONLY Snow, not your lawn or other Dirt/Sand/Gravel alike Materials.
Added Plunger, which can be used to clear a clogged GT Item Pipe System just by rightclicking any Pipe inside the System.
Added a lot of missing Assembler Recipes for vanilla Blocks.
Potentially fixed the Tooltip Bug in the Lang File.
Fixed some other Bugs too.

Added a lot of Convenience Recipes to the Assembler and the Cutter in order to make several Vanilla Blocks and Items without having to use an Autocrafter.

Added a lot more Recipes/Researches for Thaumcraft.
All GT Thaumcraft Research is now properly configurable.
Fixed some Bugs that were stumbled upon.

Added some Thaumcraft compatibility. Currently only two Researches (3 were implemented but 1 was bugged on TC side so hasn't been added).
Fixed a bunch of bugs.

Added much more Glass Processing. Removed Glass Bottle Crafting Recipe in favour of Alloy Smelter / Extruder.
Added Aspects to many GT Items manually.
Fixed Fluid Pipes considering Dead Ends.
Fixed non-undamaged Hazmat Suits not working against Radioactivity.
Fixed a lot of other Bugs.

Fixed a Bug regarding Output Hatches, which has spammed the Server Console.
NINJA UPDATE: Fixed crash bug spam

Fixed a ton of Bugs.
Added Tools for the 6 Crystal Shards of Thaumcraft. Those have a very low durability but a nice Special Ability.

The Version change came originally from the IC² API changes, but then I had to revert those, because of those stupid Forge Requirements of IC² 485... IC² 484 is MAX, it will take a long time before I support any later Version due to the 1.7.10 force Requirement (I want to still support 1.7.2).
Made a bunch of Bugfixes, nothing much.
NINJA UPDATE: Fixed Wiremill making rods instead of wires

GregTech 5.01 Open Beta (MC 1.7.2)

Added Super Buffer, which is like a Chest Buffer but with 256 Slots. Note: It doesn't have Slots inside the GUI, 256 would have been too many Slots for a GUI anyways. Otherwise it behaves exactly like a Chest Buffer.
Added Crates. They are similar to Forestrys Crates but they store 16 Items (Currently just all Dusts, Gems, Ingots and Plates). You need a Packager to put the things into the Crate and either an Unpackager or a Crowbar to unpack the Crates. Crates are made from an Iron or Steel Screw and a Wooden Plank.

Chest Buffers now merge their Itemstacks and sort them to the upper left Slots.
Added Titanium Boilers.
Fixed a bunch of Bugs.
Removed Nugget Schematic, because the Alloy Smelter can do 9 Nuggets = 1 Ingot the same way as the Packager would have had it done but cheaper.

Added Boilers in 3 different Variations (all are 3x3x5), Bronze, Steel and Tungstensteel. When they are at full capacity they work on Fuel Items like IC2 Generators with the same or up to twice the amount of Steam produced (2 Steam being 1 EU) per Fuel Unit. Sugar Canes and Cactii don't work as Fuel because they only have 1/4 of a Fuel Unit, while at least 1/2 of a Fuel Unit is required to be burned. They also accept Fuels of Semifluid Gen (regular Ratio with up to x2 Bonus) and also the Diesel Gen (but much more inefficient!).
Fixed some IC² Recipes not getting properly removed.

Multiblock Hatches now have better Textures depending on the Multiblock they belong to.
Implosion Compressors now accept the "Explosion Hazard Sign Block" as Solid Steel Casing.
Added Overmind's Wrench Overlay, but using non-scala Code. The Overlay requires CodeChickenLib (a dependency of NEI) to work.
Fixed Bismuth Bronze having both a Blast Furnace Requirement and Zero-K Heat being needed, causing it to be unsmeltable unless the Config regarding the required Heat gets changed to a positive non-Zero Number.
Battery Buffer now outputs as much Amperes as there are Batteries inside.

The fluid icon inside tanks/machines now has a tooltip containing the precise amount of fluid (The stacksize thing is still there for rough estimates of fluid amount).
Re-added the electric regulator in again 10 different voltages.
Changed all automation machines to accept input of 2 amperes and to output 2 amperes to be able to supply every attached machine properly.
Fixed a bunch of Bugs.

Added the replicator, it uses UUM and energy to form the targeted Dust/Cell/Fluid (yes direct fluid output for cases like hydrogen).
Changed the hammer to crush ores in world instead of by crafting. That is to reduce the amount of crafting recipes.

Added chest buffer (Was large electric buffer before) in (all) 10 voltages.
Fixed some bugs.

Added recipes for packager and unpackager
Fixed batteries eating energy constantly instead of only when they are charging/discharging.

Fixed some recipes not being added.
Added battery (de)charging loss.
Hopefully fixed the Railcraft crashing issue.

Added Filters in 20 different variations.
Added Thermal Centrifuges and Ore Washing Plants.
Added some "Decorative" Blocks.
Fixed dodgy cauldron bug which made it only work in a positive x and z location

GregTech 5.00 Open Alpha (MC 1.7.2)

Added Lockers - basically an armour stand
Fixed Implosion Compressor Sound
Fixed a ton of other Bugs such as accidentally overriding vanilla Aspects of Thaumcraft.
NINJA UPDATE - Fixes server crash

Added 5 brand new Compound Aspects, which can describe things much better. They are currently not used to create or research anything, but you can try to find all 5 of them (every Aspect of those can be found by Scanning, except maybe one, but that is depending on your Worldgen).
Black Granite Cobblestone can be smelted to Black Granite and can be made Black Granite Bricks again. (Bug fix)

Removed Arbor on most Gregtech things with Thaumcraft aspects.
Replaced it with other aspects.

Fixed the Casings and coil blocks being uncraftable
Fixed the failed removal of "dustLapis" from vanilla Lapis in the OreDict. (Fixed in Forge 1119)

Added Mass Fabricator to create UUM the GregTech way. 5 Versions with the standard over-clocking efficiencies of Double Speed = Quadruple Consumption.
Produces 1 Litre at a time instead of 10 Litres like the IC² Massfab does.
Added Controller Cover so you can shut it off, because that thing CAN suffer from Insufficient Energy Lines!

Vacuum Freezer now use Frost Proof Casings
Implosion Compressor now use Solid Steel Casings
Added Multi Smelter, a Super Furnace as Multiblock which does 6, 12 or 18 Items at once (depending on Coil Level), also it goes round-robin over the Inputs so it does every inserted Item somewhat equally often (as long as you don't insert prime numbers or other uneven amounts). The Speed (over-clockedness) depends on the Voltage of the Hatches. It is built like a Blast Furnace minus one Coil Row.

Added a few more Machine Casings. Some of them are still WIP, and are useless
Fixed vanilla dye ore dictionary support

Fixed chunk border issues with pipes and such

Added Vacuum Freezer
Added 40 different but similar Battery Buffers.

Added the old NEI Plugin, meaning all the old Machines have their Recipes in NEI. I didn't add it for the really new Machines for now. Ironically adds the Vacuum Freezer and Industrial Grinder, even though neither are in the game.
Added the TFC Alloys and Bismuth to my Materials. Most require a Blast Furnace to be made.
Also fixed Sounds.

Added new Death Messages for Tools
Added the Butchery Knife
Added Cadmium Batteries (Simplified the Nickel away, and some other improved things)
Made it so that the Butchery Knife gives twice the amount of invincibility time for Mobs after getting hit, meaning you cannot attack very fast with those (same for Hammers and Wrenches).

Fixed some Bugs
Added coloured Tooltips.
Hammers can now mine rock based blocks what instacrushes them as if you craft it.
Since the Cauldron doesn't work in Multiplayer, added the possibility to use water blocks for the washing purpose.
Also added a Config to re-enable the original Power Loss.

Added Knives. Currently just sword like tools which don't get double damage when breaking blocks, but they instead get double damage when used as weapon. Main purpose will be cutting things in crafting recipes.
Fixed some Bugs as always.

Now with Radio-activities! Thorium and un-enriched Uranium 238 are safe, but the other ones are deadly if you don't have a hazmat suit.
Fixed Implosion Compressor texture (I expect)
Changed it to be a jar-file.

Added Universal Spade. Crafted from Universal Spade Head (Shovel Head + File), a Stick (of the same Material!), a Screw (of the same Material too) and a Screwdriver. Mob Damage is like the Axe (3 + Tool Quality), you can block with it (That's why you can't just use a wooden Stick to craft it), use it as Crowbar (might need some more random Code to work better if RC isn't installed), it's usable as Saw (but gets double durability Damage from that!), and you can harvest almost anything what is not Stone-related with it.
Added some Damascus Steel Ingots and tool heads as dungeon loot to the game, since Damascus Steel is uncraftable (as in nobody knows how to produce it IRL, so I don't make it craft-able).
Made Iron and all the different Steels having Sharpness per Default
Wrought Iron is also craft-able now by smelting Iron Nuggets in a regular furnace. Wrought Iron tools are between Iron and Steel.
Implosion Compressor is craft-able, but without a texture
Fixed over-clocking using 4x more power than it should (I expect)

Added the Electric Blast Furnace
Added recipes for some missing machines.
Fixed base generator textures

Added the Bronze Blast Furnace back. Also know as the Tone Box 5000
Added Disjunction type enchantment (I think, might have been previous version)

Tools now have some enchantments depending on their Material. Thaumium has Fortune II, but its durability got halved. Firestone and Fiery Blood Ingots have Fire Aspect III and can therefore auto-smelt drops.
Added the Leaf Cutter, what is effectively just a grafter, but works in adventure mode.

Fixed scoops
Fixed the ore drop random generator always generating the SAME result if there are only two possible outcomes.

Added scoops which work on adventure mode. Like Forestry's, just left-click to catch butterflies
Added some of the tool sounds.
Fixed the RC Crowbar not being usable on GT Blocks to remove Covers
Made the GT Crowbar usable as a RC Crowbar.

Fixed some more things on tools (ie, made hoes work)
Added improved Durability/Energy Bars to them
Nerfed vanilla tools.

Fixed a bunch of bugs regarding tools
Added the wire cutter
Doubled durability of tools regarding block breaks. Additionally doubled the Pickaxe and Drill durability if Harderstone is enabled (since that causes the block resistance and therefore the tool damage to go up).
Flint Tools are craft-able too.
Fixed Adventure Mode
Fixed AFK Hunger.
Fixed pipes only accepting one item at once
Added solar steam boiler

Added lava boiler
The Packager can now do 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, nugget crafting and dust piling recipes using schematics

Bronze Age now playable in survival if Railcraft is installed to get steel:
Added bronze boiler
Added high pressure boiler, although Railcraft's is better than both
Added steam turbine, for steam age -> electric age power

Added lots of fancy generators
Made Gregtech ore generation fancier
Added mortars back

Fixed some Tools, added Drill, Chainsaw and electric Wrench with LV, MV and HV Variants.

Released Gregtech Open Alpha