Contact Information (Greg)

These are the ways you can reach me, Gregorius Techneticies, over the Internet. Actually the Internet is the only way to reach me properly, I don’t even use my Non-Smartphone all that much.

IRC (Easiest way and does not require making Accounts)

Development (and a lot of Off-Topic) is being talked about on #gt-dev on irc.esper.net (lurking allowed).
I’m there too, as long as I’m at Home and awake. I probably shouldn’t be afk for more than eight Hours without having set /away. My Nick is "GregoriusTechneticies".
I don’t normally show up on any other Channels unless it is seriously necessary, because I hate being distracted by too many sources of information, having two Tabs/Windows open at once is my max. Also, boy am I glad I did not go on freenode…​
If I show up, then just look into my /whois to see if that person is admin of #gt-dev.
In case you don’t want to bother getting an IRC Client and just want to join the Channel, go to This Browser Client, type in some random fitting Username and join. Greg should always be at least on the Channel, even if not responding due to sleep or so, unless espernet has technical Issues or net splits, in which case you might need to wait a bit.

Discord Channel (yeah espernet IRC broke with the promise to not get fixed, so I had to move on short notice…​ AND THEN IT UNBROKE AND GOT FIXED)


Patreon (Inactive)

Gregorius Techneticies, but I did end my Campaign there, due to incompetence of the Patreon Support Staff, and if it wasn’t for that, then for them getting sued into oblivion for retroactively changing Terms of Service during a Court Case, and trying to get those new Terms to be used during the Case, instead of the original ones. Clearly retroactively changing the Rules in the middle of the Court Case impresses the Judges a lot.

My Forums

Gregorius, but just saying @greg there is enough to ping me.

Factorio Forums

GregoriusT, but I am only there if there is Bugs to Report.

Industrial-Craft Forums (Inactive)

GregoriusT, but I did abandon the IC2 Forums. The Forums once had the old GregTech Thread, but that one got removed by someone for some reason. (apparently they reinstated it later on again)


Gregorius Techneticies, as of me writing this again, there is still no Videos on that Channel at all. Maybe I will do that some day, but there are no plans as of now.


@GregoriusT, mentioning this Username including the @ on any Issue will give me an E-Mail notification and I’ll likely reply to it, unless you do so on a completely unrelated Issue.


I do have an Account, but I won’t tell. I also do not log into the Steam Friends Network or stay invisible when doing so, because I don’t wanna be harassed by Friends whenever I start playing a damn Game, due to the Broadcast of "Greg is now playing X". When I play a Game, I want to play a Game, and not fucking talk to people.

Minecraft (Deleted)

Did not migrate to an MS Account and it got deleted, someone else might have gotten my ingame Name after that. You wont ever see a real me in Minecraft Multiplayer. Glad I can use the ancient Launcher offline, or just launch it from a Dev Environment.

Minecraft Forums & Curse & Overwolf (Deleted)

I don’t like Curse or Overwolf, I dislike Twitch aswell, same for Amazon. I did not link my old Minecraft Forums Account with any Twitch Account, so it got purged somewhen in the middle of 2018.

Reddit (Nope)

Do you really think I would go there? Way too many toxic people, especially in the modded Minecraft Subreddit. At least I don’t need an Account to read stuff (on other subs).

Twitter (Nope)

Nope, their Website is absolutely impossible to use on Desktops. I seriously hate Modern Websites for that Garbage…​ also the blue bird is an ex bird now.

Facebook (Hell Nope)

This will truly never happen. That Company is terrible, and has plenty of illegal business practices that they sadly get away with.