Full List of Mods that I added some special Compatibility Stuff to:

🔥 = Curseforge Link
📦 = Minecraft Forum Link
🪣 = Bitbucket Link
🐙 = Github Link
🔗 = Other Link
🔥 MineTweaker (requires 🔥 MTUtils)
🔥 Starting Inventory (Does give options for a First Join Starter Inventory)
🐙 Funky Locomotion
🔥 Et Futurum Requiem (adds some 1.8+ content to 1.7.10)
🔥 Netherite Plus (adds Netherite related Content to 1.7.10, may be deprecated because Et Futurum Requiem!)
🔥 Netherlicious (adds Nether Biomes)
🔥 Better Storage (adds more storage options such as Multiblock Crates and Backpacks, aswell as Project Tables)
🐙 Railcraft (NH), be warned the original CurseForge Version may NOT work, which is why I dont link it anymore.
🔥 Binnie’s Mods (requires 🔥 Binnie Patcher aswell, if you use Forestry 4, I’m very aware there is an "updated" Binnies for Forestry 4, but that Mod removed half of Binnies Features so I wont link to it)
Immersive Engineering
🔥 HexCraft, like EcksWhyCraft but with a better and nicer Dev.
🔗 IndustrialCraft² (Link without https for some reason…​)
🔗 IndustrialCraft² Classic (by Speiger)
Applied Energistics
Thermal Expansion
JABBA (But GT6 does replace it entirely basically)
🔥 Integrated Circuits
Ars Magica
Mystcraft (be careful with installing it and set "useconfigs" in the "core.cfg" at the "baselining" category to true, I had to hard-restart my Computer, because of the insane Lag it caused when it was set to false, and I have 8 GB of RAM assigned!
🔥 Thaumcraft, requires 🔥 Baubles to work! I also recommend 🔥 TC4 Tweaks
Forbidden Magic
🔥 Technomancy
🔥 Avaritia
🔥 Loot Bags
📦 Enhanced Biomes
🔥 ExtraBiomesXL
🔥 Biomes o' Plenty
🔥 Dynamic Trees
🔥 Atum
🔥 The Erebus
🔥 Twilight Forest
🔥 The Betweenlands
🔥 The Aether
🔥 Tropicraft but make sure you unzip its contents before you install it!
🪣 Alfheim
🔥 Candycraft
🔥 Underground Biomes (GT Ores can generate in its Stone seemlessly)
🔥 Per Fabrica Ad Astra (all of its Ores have processing chains)
🔥 TerraFirmaCraft Plus while not fully compatible, it should somewhat work.
📦 Fossils and Archeology
📦 Wastelands (needs to be selected in the World Options in order to generate)
Lycanites Mobs
MineFactory Reloaded
Draconic Evolution
Advanced Rocketry
🔗 Factorization
🔥 Aromas Mining Dimension
Actually Additions
Ender IO
Voltz Engine
Atomic Science
Modular Force Field System (MFFS)
🔥 Tech Guns
🐙 HBM Nuclear Tech
🔥 Open Modular Turrets
🔥 Balkon’s Weapon Mod
🔥 Pams Harvestcraft (tons of recipes were improved through my Machines)
🔥 Growthcraft Community Edition
🔥 Spice of Life
🔥 Enviromine (Hydration and Temperature)
RotaryCraft, ElectriCraft, ReactorCraft
All of this plus plenty of Books from several Mods that I needed to be able to place them in Shelves, and some Mods I might have forgotten.